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How To Get Unknown Mechanism Of Rogue Trader?

Unknown Mechanism of Rogue Trader was identified when players came across a piece of architecture.

It’s still a mystery as players are not able to discover it.

Hence, they are going to gain new experiences solving the mystery and engaging in new adventures in the game.

Visiting Atrium actively provides you with traces regarding the Unknown Mechanism of Rogue Trader, guiding you to Footfall, and is believed to be obtainable by completing the quest.

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What Is The Unknown Mechanism Of Rogue Trader?

Players are eagerly waiting for the answer to this topic as the mechanism is still unknown.

They predict the mechanism as a new archetype for Rogue Trader.

This archetype will include new powers and skills for the Rogue Trader in the game.

Based on rumors, it’s most probably going to include an exclusive experience for the players.

Rogue Trader
A female Rogue Trader of Warhammer 40k.
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Where To Look For Unknown Mechanism?

You actively find traces of the Unknown Mechanism in the Atrium, Footfall.

Players are trying to find someone around the Footfall to guide them towards the Mechanism.

Since The Unknown Mechanism of Rogue Trader is still a rumor, officials have also claimed to make players find out themselves.

Still, we haven’t confirmed that the mechanism lies in Footfall, Atrium.

Players may visit these places to find out more about the mechanism.

1. New Planets

Discover more planets so that you can find new artifacts and clues to the mechanism.

Exploring the new world is the best way to find hidden technologies and mysterious devices.

2. Alien Runes

The undiscovered mechanism is still a mystery as players don’t know what it could be.

So, make sure to investigate the remnants of an alien civilization.

3. Archaeological Sites

Mysterious mechanisms are mostly the mechanisms that vanish from history or mythology.

Hence, explore historical sites or ancient locations for potential discoveries.

4. Rogue Trader Contacts 

It’s better to get help from others rather than get frustrated by the mystery.

You can try to connect with other Rogue Traders or info brokers for tips.

5. Tech-Priests

Tech-Priests, with their adept discovery skills, may assist you in actively gathering clues about the mechanism.

Do seek guidance from the Adeptus Mechanicus, especially Tech-Priests, for insights into unknown tech.

Atriom Footfall
This is the Atrium Area where the Footfall statue is placed.

Ways To Get Unknown Mechanism

The traces mostly indicate that they are to be found in Footfall under the Atrium.

Before reaching the Atriom, players must obtain a compass indicating the path to the Mechanism.

There are 4 pieces of parts scattered around the world and players should gather them to get further off Footfall Quest.

The Bottom Line

Players should approach each search cautiously, as the unknown can bring rewards and risks in the vast and unpredictable galaxy of Rogue Trader.

The world of Rogue Trader is vast and full of possibilities and the search for unknown mechanisms is an adventure in itself.

Equip yourself thoroughly and actively explore the world to search for the Unknown Mechanisms of Rogue Trader.

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