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How To Get Tarkov Arena With EOD?

EOD stands for Edge of Darkness, which is the most expensive edition of Escape from Tarkov.

After the recent release of the Arena by Tarkov only a few steamers and players were able to participate in the waves.

To get Tarkov Arena with EOD, players have to go to the official Tarkov website. If players already have an EOD version of the game, they don’t have to pay for this version.

Continue reading this article to explore how to obtain Escape From Tarkov Arena with the help of Edge of Darkness.

Introduction To Escape From Tarkov Arena

Escape from Tarkov Arena is a multiplayer first-person shooter game for the PC and also a new project for Tarkov.

When players download this game, they will receive some preset characters to choose from with different ranks in the game.

Additionally, players have to pre-order the game for 35$ from the official Tarkov website if they don’t have EOD.

Price of Escape From The Tarkov Areana.
Price of Escape From The Tarkov Arean from the official website.

In fact, in this game players can play two modes: PvP and PvE, adding an element of fun.

In the game, players can pick from many characters and weapons according to the desired gameplay.

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How To Get Tarkov Arena With EOD?

To get this latest Arena released by Escape from Tarkov players should have the Edge of Darkness Version of the game or they should have a pre-order.

Similarly,  players having the Edge of Darkness Version of the game can get this arena for free.

There are many steps that players must follow to claim the arena game for players with Edge of Darkness. They are:

  1. Firstly, players must visit the official arena website of Tarkov to claim the game.
  2. They must log in using Tarkov credentials if they don’t have they won’t get access to the Arena.
  3. Then after login players will get a notification saying they have successfully acquired the game.
Escape From The Tarkov Login
Login page of the official Tarkov website in order to get Arena.
  1. However, they won’t be able to claim the Arena if they don’t have the Edge of Darkness version.
  2. Also, when players will obtain the Edge of Darkness version they will receive an email from Tarkov.

Why Can’t Players Claim Tarkov Arena?

Many Tarkov players are complaining that they are not able to claim this Arena even though they have an Edge of Darkness version.

There are various reasons why players are not able to claim this latest release Arena by Escape From Tarkov and they are:

  • In general, many players have bought EOD before 2017 and most of them have already forgotten their credentials.
  • Likewise, due to the huge number of players registering on the website, Tarkov is sending emails to only a few players.
  • Tarkov has mentioned that only famous steamers and selected players will be selected until the release of the next waves.
  • Players have to wait in a long queue to get a chance to play this game.
  • Players might have to wait until the game is officially released to the public.

The Bottom Line

Players who have bought the Edge of Darkness version of the game can download this Arena without paying.

However, players must have to wait for some days as the number of people registering for the game is very large.

Hence, players must have patience and should wait until they receive an email from Tarkov.

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