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Walkthrough To The King Of Distortion Quest In Rogue Trader

Players are curious about how to complete the Rogue Trader King of Distortion in Warhammer 40k.

King of Distotion is a quest where you must explore various systems and engage in battles to finish the quest.

To complete the Rogue Trader King of Distortion quest, you must complete the Classified Information sidequest, engage in battles, and explore various systems such as Pelium Solitas, Narmer IV, Odaenathus XI, and Mortus Acies.

Continue reading to find out more about how to finish the Rogue Trader King of Distortion quest in Warhammer.

Who Are The Rogue Traders In Warhammer?

Rogue Traders are a unique group within the universe of Warhammer 40,000.

The role of Rogue traders is to become explorers, adventurers, and merchants in the game.

rogue trader
Rogue Trader has the freedom to explore uncharted regions of space.

Besides, if you are one of the individuals who have been granted the Warrant of Trade, then you are the Rogue trader.

The Warrant of Trade is a special document that gives you extraordinary authority and freedom within the Imperium of Man.

Key Characteristics Of Rogue Traders

  • Warrant of Trade: This special document gives Rogue traders immense privilege and trust, allowing them to act independently.
  • Independence: If you become the Rogue Trader, you have the freedom to explore uncharted regions of space, make decisions on behalf of the Imperium, and engage in mercantile activities.
  • Exploration: As you earn the privilege to explore freely you can discover new worlds, forgotten planets, etc.
  • Merchant activities: Rogue Traders engage in trade to build economic connections and bring valuable resources back to the Imperium.
  • Encounters with Xenos: The exciting part of being a Rogue trader is you can encounter Xenos in the game.
  • Voidships: Rogue Traders have void ships that allow them to travel larger distances between different systems within the galaxy.
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What Is Rogue Trader King Of Distortion?

Rogue Trader Blades in the Void is a thrilling spacefaring adventure in the Mortus Acies system in Warhammer.

King of Distortion is one of the quests in the Blades in the Void which gives you a multifaced journey through space.

Furthermore, you must use your skills to travel the hazardous space environments and face mysterious enemies in this quest.

Besides, you must also get ready for intense ship battles in the King of Distortion quest.

Before you start the King of Distortion quest you must complete the Classified Information sidequest.

Walkthrough To King Of Distortion Quest 

In the King of Distortion, you must explore various systems such as Pelium Solitas, Narmer IV, Odaenathus XI, and Mortus Acies.

While exploring these systems, you will encounter pirates as well as Drukhari.

When you enter the Mortus Acies system, you will receive an update on the quest about the ongoing attack on Vheabos VI.

king of distortion
You must explore various systems, engage in battles, and finish side quests to complete the King of Distortion quest.

1. Go To Vheaboss VI For Ship Battle

Before going to Vheaboss VI, it is best to explore other planets within the system to understand the depth of gameplay.

Furthermore, go to Vheabos VI to engage in a ship battle to clear the way for landing in Warhammer 40k.

The King of Distortion quest’s walkthrough will guide you about upgrading the ship and focusing on targeting enemies during combat.

So your role is to clear the ship battle which will ultimately take you to the Pits of Vhebos VI.

2. Choose Correct Dialogues To Progress

In this pit, you must navigate the terrain, engage in battles, and make excellent dialogue choices to progress.

Hence, if you choose the correct dialogues, you can have the chance to turn the tide of the ongoing battles in your favor.

As you continue your interstellar journey, you will get a new quest that involves Xenos raids.

Hence, you can answer Grantis’s call to initiate a new main quest called Attack in the Silence of Mer Sergit.

The Bottom Line

King of Distortion quest is indeed an exciting as well as thrilling quest where you travel across various systems to battle.

You must make correct decisions while choosing dialogues during this quest as it can bring the whole battle in your favor.

Hence, get ready for the epic ship battles, and encounters with Xenos, Drukhari, and pirates to spice up your gaming experience in Warhammer 40k.

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