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How To Break The Dusk Claymore In TotK?

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is a two-handed weapon called the Dusk Claymore.

The Zelda Franchise frequently uses this sword, thus, experienced Zelda players will be familiar with it immediately.

The Dusk Claymore is a legendary ancient weapon known for its incredible strength and adaptability that talented artisans created. Additionally, this two-handed sword has extraordinary power that allows its user to channel the energy of their surroundings to unleash devastating assaults.

This article will guide you on Dusk Claymore in TotK, its features, and explore whether you can break this weapon.

What Is Dusk Claymore In TotK?

Dusk Claymore is a powerful two-handed blade that will absolutely prove helpful in any player’s arsenal.

Dusk Claymore In TOTK
Dusk Claymore is a massive and mighty weapon in TotK.

In Tears of the Kingdom, it has a mighty base power of 34 and a remarkable base durability of 50.

Because of its endurance, players can damage their opponents significantly while surviving even the most intense confrontations. 

The Dusk Claymore has tremendous power in Tears of the Kingdom. It is a sign of hope and security against the approaching darkness.

Additionally, the blade can harness the power of twilight and enhance the strength, agility, and senses of the one who wields it.

Legends t claim it can defeat even the most formidable foes with a single blow.

Features Of Dusk Claymore

Dusk Claymore is a two-handed sword, one of the best weapons in the name.

It has a high base power of 34 and a high base durability of 50.

The Dusk Claymore’s characteristics are as follows:

1. Power

With a base power of 34, the Dusk Claymore is one of the game’s strongest swords.

Even adversaries with excellent health can sustain severe damage from it.

2. Durability

The Dusk Claymore has a base durability of 50, which is very high and indicates that it can take heavy use before breaking.

Therefore, it is a valuable weapon for ongoing usage.

3. Special Effects

The Dusk Claymore lacks special effects, although it can be enhanced by infusing it with various substances.

For instance, you could give it an ice attack by infusing it with ice essence or a Fire Attack by infusing it with Fire Essence.

4. Unique Attack

 The Dusk Claymore has an exclusive special attack called Shadow Strike.

Players can unleash a deadly punch with this maneuver, swiftly dispatch weaker opponents, and deliver severe damage to stronger adversaries.

The Shadow Strike adds a dynamic aspect to gameplay while showcasing the Dusk Claymore’s might.

How To Obtain Dusk Claymore In TotK?

The Dusk Claymore can be acquired in two methods in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Here you can find methods to obtain Dusk Claymore in TotK.

1. Examine The Thyphlo Ruins Side Mission

You must speak with Kazul in the Thyphlo Ruins to begin this quest.

Then, he will hand you four tablets, which you must examine.

Moreover, you must finish a mini-quest that is unlocked by each tablet.

Afterward, return to Kazul once you have finished all four mini-quests, and he will award you the Dusk Claymore.

Dusk Claymore In TotK
Players can investigate Typhlo Ruins to obtain Dusk Claymore.

2. Use The Amiibo Ganondorf Figure

You can scan the Ganondorf Amiibo figure to get the Dusk Claymore if you have one.

However, you need an Amiibo figure, but it is a surefire way to receive the weapon.

Here are the methods for using the Amiibo Ganondorf figure.

  1. Go to Akkala’s Thyphlo Ruins.
  2. Now, investigate the Thyphlo Ruins to start the task and spend a peak with Kazul.
  3. In Kazul’s tent, examine each of the four tablets to unlock mini-quests: The Six Dragons (Sage of Water), The Long Dragon (Sage of Lightning), The Owl Protected by Dragons (Sage of Wind), The Corridor Between Two Dragons (Sage of Fire).
  4. After that, finish the four mini-quests.
  5. To open the treasury, go back to Kazul.
  6. Finally, enter and take the Dusk Claymore out of the chest.
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How To Break The Dusk Claymore In TotK?

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it is possible to destroy the Dusk Claymore.

Each weapon in the game has a durability rating that indicates how many uses it can withstand before breaking.

The Dusk Claymore can withstand 50 uses before it breaks, according to its base durability rating of 50.

You’ll need to get a new one after it breaks, at which point it will be destroyed.

Moreover, you can make this weapon more durable in several ways.

One approach is to fill it with substances that increase durability.

You could add Iron Essence to it, for instance, to make it ten times more durable.

Utilizing the Bargainer Statues in The Depths is another option to extend the life of the Dusk Claymore.

For 120 Poes, you can purchase a Dusk Claymore Repair Kit from one of these statues.

After that, you might repair your Dusk Claymore completely.

The Dusk Claymore is a highly potent weapon, so it is crucial to remember to take care of it.

However, it will rapidly shatter if you use it too frequently.

But if you use it sparingly and fill it with materials that increase longevity, it can survive very long.

The Bottom Line

The Dusk Claymore is a famous and potent weapon essential to the plot of Tears of the Kingdom.

It is more than just a tool that represents strength and fortitude.

No other blade can compare to this legendary one, which has special traits and mysteries that enhance its performance in combat.

Therefore, if you are looking for a weapon that can deal a lot of damage and withstand a lot of use, this is a great choice.

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