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Find Nomos In Rogue Trader: A Guide For Beginners

Many characters have different Archetypes and roles in the Rogue Trader and Nomos is one of the upcoming characters.

Players are eager to know more about obtaining and using this character.

You can find this character by completing a companion quest and after that, a character named Pasqal will tell you about a ritual you have to do where you will meet a Nomos character.

Continue reading more about Nomos in Rogue Trader and ways to find this character.

Who Is Nomos In Rogue Trader?

Nomos is a Navigator, a unique individual with a special psychic ability crucial for the success of Rogue Traders.

In the game, Nomos is not described as a navigator but it’s clear from the player’s perspective that he is the navigator.

The character is an AI player who acts on his own as of is programmed to.

Still, no one is clear about what is his history and where he came from.

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Where Is Nomos In Rogue Trader?

Players have to complete a randomized companion quest to unlock the area leading to Nomos.

After completion, you will get to meet Pasqal who will assign you another quest.

During this quest, you will meet a character named Nomos.

Upon meeting the character, you’ll identify them as a navigator.

However, engage in polite conversation to ensure a positive interaction and avoid any potentially unpleasant situations.

nomos rogue trader
This is the picture of the player meeting Nomos.

How To Find Nomos In Rogue Trader?

Simply put, you must complete the required quests to meet Nomos.

Still, there are ways to make it easy and faster in Rogue Trader and they are :

1. Establish Navigator House Connections

Rogue Traders often have affiliations or connections with specific Navigator Houses.

Therefore, check with your GM or explore the lore of the game to determine which Navigator House your Rogue Trader is associated with.

2. Visit Navigator Houses

In the game world, Navigators are often associated with Navigator Houses that operate within the Imperium of Man.

Your Rogue Trader might have existing contacts or relationships with these houses.

3. Seek Recommendations

Within the Rogue Trader universe, Navigators are highly sought after and often recommended through trusted channels.

Therefore, Inquire with other Rogue Traders or contacts within the game world to gather recommendations for experienced Navigators like Nomos.

4. Attend Navigator Guilds Or Gatherings

Rogue Trader might attend events, gatherings, or meetings where Navigators are present.

Hence, This could be an opportunity to interact with potential Navigators and find someone suitable for your journeys.

5. Engage In Quests

Nomos are essential to the Rogue Trader narrative, and finding one is the be part of a companion quest.

Your GM might craft a narrative arc where your Rogue Trader has to seek out Nomos for a specific purpose, trying the quest into the broader campaign.

talk to nomos
This is the character in the game known as Nomos.

The Bottom Line

The process of finding Nomos or any Navigator in Rogue Trader is a collaborative effort between the players.

Players will experience a lot of adventure during the finding of Normos in Rogue Trader.

So, Gear up complete the companion quest, and head towards the lead of Pasqal.

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