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Guide To The Eat A Cobbler Not A Pie Mission In Fallout 76

Eat a Cobbler, Not a Pie is a daily challenge available in the game Fallout 76.

This part of the daily challenge is pretty straightforward and similar to the name it suggests.

Eat a Cobbler, Not a Pie is a daily challenge requiring you to consume a Cranberry Cobbler, but it will not count if you consume any pie. You will need to harvest cranberries and some wood for the Cranberry Cobbler.

Here, we will discuss the Eat a Cobbler, Not a Pie mission and the steps to complete it.

What Is Cobbler Not A Pie In Fallout 76?

There are many daily challenges that players can complete in Fallout 76.

In addition, daily challenges are meant to be completed within 24 hours of being available.

Also, completing these daily challenges will provide you with certain benefits such as points, rewards, and more.

Eat a Cobbler, Not a Pie is also a type of daily challenge available in the game.

It is not a new challenge, as players have completed it beforehand.

However, if you are new to the game, there is nothing to be worried about, as the mission is pretty straightforward.

Additionally, completing this challenge will reward you with 250 score points.

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What Is Cranberry Cobbler?

As the name suggests, you will need some kind of cobbler for the challenge.

Cranberry Cobbler is the best kind of cobbler, which is accepted by the mission.

In addition, Cranberry Cobbler is a consumable item that needs to be cooked.

Furthermore, it is a food made with cranberries and thick-crusted pie.

Cranberry Cobbler not a pie fallout 76
Cranberry Cobbler provides a medium amount of XP and HP.

The dish gives a 5% increase in XP for 30 minutes while heals 1 HP for 25 seconds.

Also, the Cranberry Cobbler satisfies 10% hunger and a medium 5 dose of radiation.

To be able to cook a cranberry cobbler, you will need Cranberries and Wood.

So, first, you must be able to harvest some cranberries moving forward.

How To Harvest Cranberry?

Harvesting cranberries from different locations in Fallout 76 is pretty simple and easy.

So, here is a breakdown of the method to harvest cranberry in the game.

  1. Firstly, go to the Aaronholt Homestead location from the game’s map.
Aaronholt Homestead Fallout 76
You can harvest cranberries in Aaronholt Homestead.
  1. Then, go down the hill to a large field area with some insects.
  2. Watch out for the insects and stay hidden as they will attack you.
  3. Then, defeat any insects that are present in the field area to be able to harvest Cranberries.
Cranberry harvest
You will be able to harvest cranberries from a field.
  1. After that, look around the field and harvest the cranberries as a couple will be in the field.
  2. You need only one cranberry, but make sure you take at least 2 just to be on the safe side.

So, with these simple steps, you can harvest cranberries to be able to cook a Cranberry Cobbler.

How To Complete The Cobbler Not Pie Mission?

You may already know by now that the Cranberry Cobbler is not a pie, even though it looks like one.

Also, other pies, such as Carnival Pie, will not count if you eat them.

So, here is a step-by-step process to complete the Eat a Cobbler, Not a Pie mission in Fallout 76.

  1. Firstly, collect at least one cranberry and one wood to be able to cook a Cranberry Cobbler.
  2. Then, go to your camp and then to the cooking station area of your camp.
  3. Furthermore, go to the All Food section of the cooking station area.
  4. Then, set the quantity you want and click on the Make option.
Make Cranberry Cobbler Not a pie
Use one cranberry and one wood to make a Cranberry Cobbler.
  1. After crafting the Cranberry Cobbler, exit out of the cooking station.
  2. Now, all you have left is to consume the Cranberry Cobbler, which will complete the mission and give you 250 points.

Therefore, with these simple and easy steps, you can complete the Eat a Cobbler, Not a Pie mission.

The Bottom Line

Eat a Cobbler, Not a Pie is a daily challenge players must complete in Fallout 76.

For the challenge, you will need to cook a Cranberry Cobbler which needs one cranberry and one wood.

Out of all the recipes in Fallout 76, Cranberry Cobbler is a simple and easy recipe you can follow.

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