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How To Win The Daring Diva Pageant In Royale High?

Daring Diva is one of the pageants in Royale High where you can participate to earn diamonds and exp.

You can also participate in other pageants in Royale High like Birthday parties, anime, mysterious mermaids, gothic wardrobe, etc.

To participate in the Daring Diva pageant in Royale High, you must go to Sunset Island, and create a charismatic and alluring look that grabs the attention of all the players as you walk down the runway to win the pageant. 

Continue reading to find out more about how to win the Daring Diva theme in Royale High.

What Is Daring Diva In Royale High?

In Royale High, the daring diva refers to the game character who is self-obsessed and charismatic.

Furthermore, daring diva is a theme in Royale High where you must wear flattering outfits to look magnificent.

It is best if you choose something pink or stylish outfit to stand out from the crowd and become the daring diva.

sunset island in royale high
Sunset Island is a place in Royale High where you can come to participate in pageants.

In addition, the daring diva is one of the pageants that happens on the sunset island in Royal High.

So, you must dress according to the location to make your outfit relevant for the pageant.

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How To Create A Daring Diva Look In Royale High?

The daring diva pageant is a time-based task so you will get only 10 minutes to create the diva look.

Furthermore, A diva is a celebrity female who acts overly entitled and looks intimidating in a good way.

You must create the diva look by choosing your makeup, hair, dress, and accessories in Sunset Island.

So, choose alluring makeup and hairstyles to match your outfit and turn your character into a daring diva.

In addition, there are different hairstyles to choose from like boho half braided, heavenly locks, valentine goddess, Artemis, etc.

Therefore, browse through options for hair and makeup and choose what gives the aura of the daring diva in the game.

How To Win The Daring Diva Pageant?

Many players struggle to win the daring diva contest as they find it hard to put together a diva look.

However, the trick to increase your chance of winning the pageant is to make an outfit out of expensive-looking stuff.

daring diva look
Create a charismatic and alluring look and gain more votes to win the Daring Diva pageant in Royale High.

Besides, you must create an alluring look so that it pulls attention from the crowd when you walk the runway to vote.

If you can create a unique and magnificent look, then you can secure one of three positions in the contest.

1. Create Celebrity Looks

You can also create the diva look by being inspired by the celebrity event’s look in Royale High.

For instance, you an create Ariana Grande Grammy Awards Givenchy gown to win the peagant.

Similarly, you can create the Beyonce concert-inspired look with the midnight strike popstar platform heels.

To create the celebrity-inspired look just search for any hair, or makeup by their name in Sunset Island.

2. Choose An Outfit From The Luxury Category

To win the daring diva theme look choose an outfit from the luxury category and customize the colors within the design palette.

If you win the daring diva pageant, you can earn diamonds and experience points as your rewards.

Moreover, the best part about participating in the pageants of Sunset Island is you can earn 200 diamonds and 50 exp even if you don’t win.

The Bottom Line

Pageants in Royale High are a great way to enhance your fashion skills by competing with other players.

However, the daring diva is not only about creating the outfit thus, it is a way to present your character to look more charismatic.

So, play with the color palette and understand the color theory to turn to character into a daring diva and win the pageant.

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