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Learn The Art Of Pickpocketing In RuneScape 3 (RS3)

In Rune Scape 3 (RS3), players can unlock the pickpocketing technique as they level up in their thieving skills.

Furthermore, pickpocketing, costing, and lock picking are some techniques for thieving in RS3.

Pickpocketing in RS3 is a thieving skill that you must earn by taking valuables from NPCs without their knowledge. During the process of this thieving method, it is very important to not get caught as it results in a stun or damage. 

Continue reading to find out more about how to successfully master the pickpocketing skill in RS3.

What Is Pickpocketing In RS3?

In RS3, pickpocketing is a thieving skill that allows players to steal from non-player characters (NPCs).

Furthermore, players can pickpocket by interacting with NPCs using the Pickpocket option in the game.

Pickpocketing skills involve attempting to steal items or gold from the pockets of various NPCs in the game world.

In addition, if players are successful in pickpocketing in RS3, they can obtain experience points in the thieving skill and also valuable loot.

Besides, you can earn upto 830,000 Xp per hour by pickpocketing the Crux Eqal Knights in RS3.

Pickpocketing NPCS RS3
You can earn pickpocketing-thieving skills by searching for NPCs around the map and stealing their valuables.

The success rate of pickpocketing depends on the player’s thieving level.

So if you are at lower levels, you are more likely to be caught which results in a short stun and minor damage.

However, as you increase your thieving level, the chances of successful pickpocketing can drastically improve.

Wear Items For Successful Pickpocketing

There are different NPCs in various locations throughout the game that players can pickpocket, each offering unique rewards.

In RS3, you may need to complete specific quests to pickpocket for some NPCs while some do not require any quest.

Similarly, before you try to pickpocket the NPCs, you can wear certain items to increase your success rates.

For instance, wearing items like Gloves of Silence, Ardougne cloaks, the Trer Exoskeleton set, etc. reduces the risk of being caught.

Moreover, using certain spells and prayers can also enhance the chances of successful pickpocketing in RS3.

Thus, pickpocketing is not only a means of gaining thieving experience but also serves as a source of income and valuable items.

Pickpocketing Crux Eqal Knights At Level 83 Thieving

Pickpocketing is a crucial aspect of the game which allows you to level up your thieving abilities and earn substantial XP rewards.

Furthermore, when you reach level 83 thieving, you will unlock pickpocketing Crux Eqal Knights in the Garden of Kharid.

Pickpocketing Crux Eqal Knights can level up your thieving skills and help you reach milestones like level 99, 120, or even a massive 200 million XP.

level 83 RS3
You must progress to level 83 to unlock the Crux Eqal Knights pickpocketing to earn 830,000 XP per hour in RS3.

Besides, the best part about this method is you can earn an impressive 830,000 XP per hour which is the fastest XP rate in RS3.

To successfully pickpocket the Crux,  you’ll need to unlock key elements that maximize your success and efficiency.

You must obtain certain keys and unlock weapons for this method which are as follows:

  1. Sticky Fingers Relic Power: This weapon increases the rate of auto pickpocketing by 50% and needs 84 archeology.
  2. FiveFinger Discount Aura: This weapon provides a valuable boost to your thieving by increasing the 15% success rate.
  3. Crystal Mask spells: Gives you a 5-minute buff that adds 15% to your success.
  4. Light Form prayer: Gives you a double boost with a 30% buff to success rate.
  5. Crystal Mask Spell: Gives you the power of invisibility to increase your chances of successful pickpocketing.
  6. Trer Exoskeleton Set: Minimizes the risk of being caught during pickpocket attempts.
  7. Ardougne Cloak 3 and Magpie Familiar: This creates a favorable environment for successful pickpocketing without exposing you.

When you combine these weapons, they pave the way for a 100% success rate with a seamless and smooth thieving experience.

The Bottom Line

The process of earning pickpocketing thieving skill involves a strategic sequence of actions in the Rune Scape 3.

So, it is very important to keep an eye on your prayer and spell durations when pickpocketing.

Hence, this helps everything go smoothly and you can earn the high XP rates as promised.

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