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Ways To Pickpocket Crux Eqal Knights In RS3

Crux Eqal Knights in RS3 are the knights that guard the garden of Kharid who have pockets filled with seed.

In a recent update, auto pickpocketing is now a universal game feature as you don’t need Sticky Fingers relic. 

To pickpocket Crux Eqal Knights in RuneScape 3, you need to hit level 83 or above to proceed and go to the Garden of Kharid location, and just beside the entrance you will find the Guard to pickpocket.

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Who Are Crux Eqal Knights In RS3?

Crux Knights are the protectors of the Garden Of Khalid location that serves as a guard for the treasures hidden in it.

These knights are really strong and armed with weapons like swords, shields, and armor which they use to defend.

Hence, you might face some difficulty while dealing with these knights as they can deal a crucial amount of damage.

They usually protect the area from thieves and if they find suspicious, they won’t think twice about attacking.

Crux Eqal Knight
An image of the Crux Eqal Knight in RS3.
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Why To Pickpocket Crux Eqal Knights In RS3?

Pickpocket Crux Eqal Knights in RS3 grants you seeds, exp, and many rare game items.

Therefore, these knights are pickpocketed by players to gain seeds and a lot of the strong items.

Make sure you have level 83 or above as if you try to pick pocket before, you won’t receive any rewards.

So, the Rewards for Pickpocketing Crux Eqal Knights in RS3 are as follows:

ItemQuantity Rarity
Catalytic anima stone1–3Common
Elemental anima stone1–10Common
Guam seed1Uncommon
Tarromin seed1Uncommon
Marrentill seed1Uncommon
Harralander seed1Uncommon
Ranarr seed1Uncommon
Toadflax seed1Uncommon
Spirit weed seed1Uncommon
Irit seed1Uncommon
Wergali seed1Uncommon
Avantoe seed1Uncommon
Kwuarm seed1Uncommon
Snapdragon seed1Uncommon
Cadantine seed1Uncommon
Lantadyme seed1Uncommon
Dwarf weed seed1Uncommon
Torstol seed1Uncommon
Fellstalk seed1Uncommon
Supreme growth potion 1Very Rare
Sand seed1Rare
Mystical sand seed1Very Rare

How To Pickpocket Crux Eqal Knights?

First of all, you need to hit thieving level 83 and head towards the Garden Of Khalid using the map.

You can use a default map of the game and pin the location to get the direction to reach the location.

Location of Garden Of Khalid
Follow this map to reach the location of the Garden of Khalid.

Therefore, make sure to be prepared before reaching the location by gearing up with the necessary items.

Follow these ways to successfully Pickpocket Crux Eqal Knights.

1. Required Items

To successfully loot Crux Eqal Knights, you will require some specific items that increase your chance.

Therefore, the crucial items required for looting the knight are:

2. Choose A Correct Time

As you play RS3 online, players worldwide can try pickpocketing simultaneously, which can be a problem.

So, pick a time when players are not around the knight and proceed before anyone gets there before you.

3. Pickpocket The Knight

As of a recent update, players are allowed to pickpocket automatically by using a simple trick of getting AFK.

Stand near and behind the knight at the right spot and wait some time as your character starts pickpocketing.

Looting Crux Eqal Knight
Stand just like shown in the picture to loot the Knight automatically.

4. Watch Out For Rewards

Successfully pickpocketing Crux Eqal Knights will yield various rewards, including items and experience points.

Hence, keep an eye on your inventory and experience bar to track your progress and make of getting all the items.

The Bottom Line

Pickpocketing Crux Eqal Knights in RS3 can be a skillful endeavor for players seeking to enhance their Thieving abilities.

Therefore, by understanding the basics of pickpocketing, adventurers can navigate the world of Gielinor with stealth.

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