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Explore Umbral Guardian In RS3

Umbral Guardian is an exciting outfit in Runescape that made its debut in 2018.

Thankfully, after hearing players queries the outfit has made a return after five years.

The Umbral Guardian outfit is available in RuneScape 3 through a special offer from Prime Gaming that is valid till February 7, 2024. The offer includes an Umbral Guardian outfit and 5 Knowledge Bombs.

This article will discuss whether Umbral Guardian is available in RS3.

Outfits In RS3

RS3, short for RuneScape 3, is a popular game where players embark on exciting adventures in a world called Gielinor.

In RS3, players can customize their characters with special outfits, making their in-game heroes look unique and cool.

These outfits are not just for show; they can also give extra benefits or change the experience in the game.

Whether it’s a mighty warrior’s armor or a magical wizard’s robes, outfits in RS3 allow players to enhance their characters.

Umbral Guardian Outfit In Runescape

The Umbral Guardian in RuneScape is a special cosmetic outfit that players can wear to change the look of their character.

Furthermore, the Umbral Guardian Outfit includes different pieces like :

  • Umbral Guardian Helmet
  • Umbral Guardian Boots
  • Umbral Guardian Platebody
  • Umbral Guardian Gauntlets
  • Umbral Guardian Platelegs
umbral guardian
The Umbral Guardian outfit consists of 5 components.

This outfit has a dark and mystical look, and it was originally given to players who were members of Prime Gaming in 2018.

Additionally, if you own the Umbral Guardian outfit, you can activate it to change the way your character looks.

It’s a unique way for players to customize their appearance in the game and adds a touch of mystery and style to their characters.

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Umbral Guardian In RS3

The Umbral Guardian outfit is making a comeback in RS3 through Prime Gaming.

In 2024, Prime Gaming offers a special deal for RuneScape players, available from January 9 till February 7.

This package includes a brand-new cosmetic outfit called the Umbral Guardian and a set of 5 Knowledge Bombs.

Moreover, the Knowledge Bombs can boost your game experience points (XP).

So, you get a cool new look for your character with the Umbral Guardian outfit and receive handy items to enhance your gaming adventure.

Whether you’re playing RuneScape on your PC, iOS device, Mac, or Android, this offer lets you strut around Gielinor in style for XP.

So, don’t miss out on this chance to level up and show off your new outfit!

knowledge bombs
Prime Gaming will provide 5 knowledge bombs with Umbral Guardian.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Umbral Guardian in RS3 is not just an outfit; it’s a unique way for players to enhance their experience.

Now, in 2024, the Umbral Guardian is making a return through a special offer from Prime Gaming.

Therefore, you can get the Umbral Guardian outfit in RS3 from the Prime Gaming subscription till 7th February.

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