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Starfield: How To Find Trade Authority In Akila City?

In Starfield, the Trade Authority is a significant gameplay element that allows players to sell illegal goods or contraband for a fair price without facing any consequences.

However, making these deals at Trade Authority storefronts is essential rather than just any kiosk.

To find the Trade Authority in Akila City in Starfield, locate the Hitching Post and Galbank near the town gates, walk through the alley between them, and turn left at the alley’s end.

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What Is Trade Authority In Starfield?

Trade Authority in Starfield are specific locations or terminals within the game where players can engage in trade and commerce activities.

It is a centralized organization that operates in various locations across the game’s universe, making it easier for players to find and use their services.

Players can sell illegal items on authority trade smoothly.
Players can sell illegal items on Authority Trade smoothly.

Moreover, it serves as a place where players can offload illegal goods and contraband while avoiding legal trouble.

This location is integral to the game’s economy and offers opportunities for players to engage in trade within the “Starfield” universe.

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How To Find Trade Authority In Akila City?

Players can find trade authority in Akila City, Akila, and the Cheyenne System.

To find the Trade Authority in Akila City in the game “Starfield,” follow these detailed steps:

1. Entering Akila City

You’ll likely start at the town gates when you arrive in Akila City. These gates serve as the entrance to the settlement.

2. Locating The Hitching Post

Upon entering Akila City, look to your right and notice a bar called the Hitching Post.

This bar is the first establishment you’ll encounter as you enter the settlement.

The Hitching Post is a notable landmark in Akila City.

3. Finding Galbank

Now, shift your attention to the left of the Hitching Post.

Just beside the bar, on the left side, you should see another establishment called Galbank.

Galbank is situated adjacent to the Hitching Post and is part of the same area.

4. Heading Through the Alley

An alley or passageway between the Hitching Post and Galbank should connect the two establishments.

This alley is likely the route you need to take to find the Trade Authority.

5. Turning Left

As you walk through the alley between the Hitching Post and Galbank, continue until you reach the end of the passageway.

At this point, you should turn left.

6. Finding The Trade Authority

Upon turning left at the end of the alley, you should come across the Trade Authority.

It might be a distinct kiosk or storefront with the Trade Authority branding, making it easily recognizable.

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Benefits Of Trading With The Trade Authority

Trading with the Trade Authority in Akila City in “Starfield” offers several benefits. Some of them are listed below;

1. Versatile Item Sales

You can sell various items, including weapons, spacesuits, packs, helmets, apparel, throwables, ammunition, aid items, resources, and miscellaneous objects.

This flexibility allows you to profit from various types of goods.

2. Convenient Location

The Trade Authority kiosk is conveniently located near your ship.

This proximity simplifies the process of unloading your inventory and earning credits.

Players can efficiently manage their trade activities without having to travel far.

3. Variety Of Traders

Akila City is home to various traders, including The Rowland Arms, The Hitching Post, Shepherd’s General Store, Midtown Minerals, and Laredo Firearms.

This variety of merchants provides access to various items and resources, catering to different player needs and preferences.

4. Interconnected Trade Network

The Trade Authority in Akila City is part of a broader trade network that extends to other locations, such as New Atlantis, Cydonia, and Neon.

This interconnected network allows players to conduct trade and commerce seamlessly across different parts of the game world, enhancing the trading experience.

5. Resource Accumulation

Through trade, players can accumulate resources, credits, and valuable items that contribute to their progression and success in the game.

Trading can be a significant source of income and resources, enabling players to upgrade their equipment, purchase supplies, or invest in their character development.

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The Trade Authority in Akila City offers players a crucial gateway to trade and commerce opportunities.

Adventurers can immerse themselves in the bustling economic activities of this vibrant city.

This Trade Authority serves as a pivotal hub for interstellar exchange.

Furthermore, this is the place where players can buy and sell a wide array of items, including the potential for dealing in contraband goods.

Happy Gaming!

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