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Kenny Replaced In High On Life DLC: Reasons And Replacement

Kenny, one of the influential characters of the High on Life, is replaced in the DLC.

A new Gatlian is known to be the replacement for Kenny in update 1.09.

Kenny is possibly replaced in High On Life DLC due to the voice actor Justin Roiland’s legal cases. However, the game suggests Kenny was lost after the death of Garmentuous and replaced by Harper.

Continue reading to learn about the reason Kenny got replaced and the features of the new character in High on Life: High on Knife.

Who Is Kenny In High On Life?

High on Life is a popular FPS game with various adventures and action figures, including Kenny.

The game is available on multiple platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox and Windows.

Kenny is a species of Gatlian, a race of the sentiment firearms of the High on Life.

The character is cheerful in nature with a blue color and tiny size and has two antennas in the head.

The male character is the initial weapon of the Bounty hunter, the player character.

Kenny high on life
Equip Kenny as a weapon.

Kenny is one of the characters many players love due to his fluffy nature and Glib shot, but they won’t use it in the new patch.

Why Is Kenny Replaced In High On Life DLC?

Players can know the reasons why their Kenny got replaced in a few storylines while progressing the game.

Initially, When players are in the Bounty or Killer Copperback and interact with Gene, he will suggest players turn on the TV.

After watching the TV, the presenter will suggest after the death of Garmentuous, all the humans and Gatalians are safe.

high on life kenny replaced
Listen to the TV presenter.

However, Kenny, one of the races of Gatlian or notable a gun, is lost in the process.

If players progress through the last stage, they will unlock another reason Kenny is not part of the DLC.

After players stab Gene multiple times, he will suggest players drop off the knife where Kenny is dropped.

But these reasons don’t seem valid, as players lost one of the humorous characters in the DLC.

There is a possibility Kenny got replaced due to its voice actor’s legal battle against domestic violence.

Thankfully, the famous animator has already received a green signal and could be taking a break from his work.

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Kenny’s Replacement In High On Life DLC

Players can meet Kenny’s replacement, i.e., Harper, in the early game after players catch up with Gene.

Harper, the newest Gatlian, helped defeat Garmantuous; however, Kenny was lost as a result.

Also, the character was never thrown out of the military and is here to support the bounty hunter.

The pink-colored Gatlian may not be as humorous as Kenny, but she is a decent replacement.

Harper high on life
Using Harper in the battle.

She has the attacking features the same as Kenny, so battling will be pretty much the same.

The Bottom Line

The High On Life DLC suggests Kenny got lost after the battle with Garmentuous and is replaced by Harper.

At the same time, Kenny’s vice actor was also facing possible legal charges during the development of the DLC.

As a  result, Harper took the place of Kenny; thankfully, Roiland is free of all the charges.

If there is any sequel to High On Life, hopefully, Roiland will be a part of a new character.

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