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FF7 Rebirth Brigantine Stage: Earn Buccaneer Blaster

In FF7 Rebirth, players actively engage in the Brigantine Stage of Pirate Rampage, a dynamic mini-game experience.

Players must navigate through four stages within a strict time limit of 2 minutes of 4 rounds of 30 sec each.

However, players need to surpass specific point thresholds for each of the three ranks in the Brigantine Stage of Pirate Rampage.

Continue reading about the Brigantine Stage of Pirate Rampage in FF7 Rebirth to learn how to complete it.

What Is A Brigantine Stage In FF7 Rebirth?

In FF7 Rebirth, the Brigantine is a Stage of Pirate Rampage mini-game located in Costa del Sol.

Within a stringent time frame of 2 minutes, players must complete four rounds of collecting points.

Similarly, players have to shoot targets placed strategically across each round to earn points.

Each target offers points from 100 – 800 where players have to complete all the ranks by shooting and earning points.

To progress and succeed in all these rounds, players must exceed specific point thresholds for each of the three ranks:

  • Rank 1 of 10,000 points
  • Rank 2 of 13,000 points
  • Rank 3 of 15,000 points
Brigantine Stage of Pirates Rampage
To Complete the Brigantine Stage of Pirates Rampage, players have to collect more than 15000 points.

Further, achieving these ranks unlocks various rewards, including Companion Cards, Hi-Potions, Rubies, and potent Materia.

Overall, the Brigantine Stage offers a rewarding gaming experience demanding precision shooting in this mini-game.

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How To Complete A Brigantine Stage In FF7 Rebirth?

In FF7 Rebirth, the Brigantine Stage of Pirate Rampage requires strategic planning and precise shooting.

Likewise, this mini-game, the Brigantine Stage immerses players in the role of sailors aboard a ship to shoot down points.

Further, players must complete the four rounds within a limited time frame of 2 minutes.

Each round is of 30 sec where players have to collect points to exceed the given target.

Moreover, you can follow these steps to complete all the Ranks in Brigantine Stage of Pirate Rampage:

1. Analyze Targets

Before starting each round, players should carefully survey available targets in each section.

Similarly, players must identify high-value targets worth prioritizing based on their point values or bonuses.

2. Aim and Time Shots

Players need to act with precision in aiming to ensure accurate shots.

Aiming For Targets in Brigantine Stage of Pirates Rampage
Players need to quickly aim and shoot with accuracy to collect more points.

Likewise, they should time shots strategically, considering target movement that may affect accuracy.

3. Plan Movement

Players must plan their route through each round to optimize movement efficiency.

Further, they need to minimize unnecessary detours and focus on swiftly reaching targets while conserving time.

4. Track Score

Throughout the rounds, players should actively monitor their scores to track progress toward meeting point thresholds for each rank.

Moreover, players must adjust their gameplay approach as needed to maximize score potential.

5. Utilize Power-Ups

If power-ups or bonuses are available, players should actively use them to enhance performance.

Whether it’s temporary score multipliers, increased accuracy, or extra time, they must capitalize on these advantages to boost their score.

6. Adapt and Persist

Players need to adapt their strategy based on changing stage dynamics.

Similarly, players should persistently strive for improvement with each attempt, maintaining resilience in the face of challenges.

Victory Rewards: After Brigantine Stage

Upon completing the Brigantine Stage of Pirate Rampage in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, players actively receive various prizes.

Similarly, players will gain access to the coveted Buccaneer Blaster upon completing the Brigantine Stage.

This powerful weapon provides players with enhanced firepower which enables them to tackle challenges in FF7 Rebirth.

Prizes after completing the Brigantine Stage of Pirates Rampage
By Completing each rank from 1-3 players receive different prizes.

Further, players receive prizes after completing each rank in the Brigantine Stage of Pirate Rampage;

  • Rank 1 Rewards: Players receive 1x Companion Card for Cloud and 2x Hi-Potions.
  • Rank 2 Rewards: Players obtain 1x Ruby.
  • Rank 3 Rewards: Players acquire 1x Time Materia.
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