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Meeting Tifa In FF7 Rebirth: The Clock Tower Date With Aerith

In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Cloud, Aerith and Tifa meet at the base of the Clock Tower during the run from the soldiers.

The meeting at the base scene shows tension between the three as both Tisa and Aerith have feelings for Cloud.

But, as they are trying to run away from soldiers, Barret does not let Cloud talk to Tifa about the date with Aerith.

Tifa is shocked about the date of Cloud and Aerith in the Clock tower as she met him earlier near the Kalm’s tank.

Continue reading to find out more about Tifa and the date with Aerith in FF7 Rebirth.

FF7 Rebirth: Meeting Tifa In The Bucolic Kalm

Players can get the maximum relationship increase from dialogue conversation with Tifa in Kalm during chapter 2 of FF7 Rebirth.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have a maximum relationship to go on a date at the Golden Saucer in FF7 Rebirth.

So, Cloud must meet Tifa in FF7 rebirth to get the maximum relationship increase in the game.

Meet Tifa in Bucolic Calm
Go to the Bucolic Kalm and meet Tifa near the water tank to strengthen the bond of friendship.

To meet Tifa in FF7 Rebirth, players must adjust their location to Village Center on their map.

Players must go to Mako Tank Plaza and the Bucolic Kalm using the map.

In the Bucolic Kalm, players taking the role of Cloud can meet Tifa near a big tank.

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Best Answer To Tifa’s Question In FF7 Rebirth

When Cloud goes near Tifa for conversation, she asks Cloud if he remembers the tank beside them.

Cloud will get three options to choose as a reply to Tifa but each answer has different outcomes.

Cloud meets Tifa near tank
Cloud must say that he remembers the promise he made to Tifa near the tank when she asks him about the tank.

The three options are Any other Marko Tank, The Place I made that promise to you and The Water Tower in Nibelheim.

The best answer to Tifa’s question about the tank in FF7 Rebirth is The Place I made that promise to you.

Strengthen The Bond Of Friendship With Tifa

When Cloud replies that he remembers the tank and it’s the place of their connection, Cloud’s relationship with Tifa will change.

Tifa will again question Cloud whether he remembers what she wore when they met near the tank.

So, when Cloud tells her the exact dress she was wearing that day, it will strengthen the bond of their friendship.

In FF7 Rebirth, Cloud’s actions and choices of dialogue completely affect his relationship with his allies.

Additionally, the storyline changes according to the strength of the bonds you make and the dialogues you choose in the game.

Cloud And Aerith Date In Kalm’s Clock Tower

After the increasing relationship with Tifa, Cloud meets Aerith on the way to the bookstore.

Furthermore, Aerith asks Cloud if he is free and wants to climb the clock tower with her.

Aerith is indirectly asking Cloud for a clock tower date in FF7 Rebirth.

Aerith ask for Clock tower date in FF7
If Cloud is ready to go on a clock tower date with Aerith, it will strengthen their bond of friendship.

Hence, Cloud gets three options of dialogues to choose from: Sure, Let’s, I’m busy or If I have to.

So if you choose Sure Let’s option, then Cloud and Tifa will climb to the top of the clock tower together in FF7 Rebirth.

This will also change Cloud’s relationship with Aerith positively.

1. Aerith Ask About Tifa To Cloud 

Aerith goes to buy tickets for the clock tower and takes Cloud to the clock tower.

Both of them climb up the stairs to the top of the clock tower and enjoy the beautiful view from up there.

While enjoying the view together, Aerith asks Cloud if something happened between him and Tifa.

Cloud gets confused and shocked about Aerith asking about Tifa to him.

Aerith and Tifa are roommates and she thinks something is going on between Tifa and Cloud.

2. Hellicopeters With Soldiers Scene

Aerith suggests Cloud not take Tifa for granted and cherish her as a friend.

In the meantime, a lot of Helicopters with soldiers come to the Bucolic Kalm searching for Cloud and others.

The soldiers start to jump down from the Helicopters in the Parachute to find Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and others.

3. Cloud And Aerith Meet Tifa In The Base

Cloud and Aerith get alert and run down to the base of the clock tower where they meet Tifa, Barret and the hound.

Barret asks Cloud and Aerith where have they been all along to which Aerith says they went on a date.

This creates tension between Cloud and Tifa as Tifa is not happy to hear what Aerith said.

Cloud and Aerith meets Tifa
During the run from the soldiers, Cloud and Aerith meet Tifa at the base of the Clock tower.

Tifa gets shocked and looks at Cloud with an answer about going on a date with Aerith.

The scene shows Cloud getting nervous and confused about the tension between the three of them.

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