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How To Earn Season Of The Wish Engram?

The Season of the Wish introduces a special engram known as the Wish Engram to represent the season’s theme.

Players are excited to obtain different types of engrams to level up their character’s stats according to their preferences.

In Destiny 2, Season of The Wish engram can be earned by unlocking seasonal bonuses like Wishful Armor Focusing, Wishful Weapon Focusing, Wish crafting, Solcrafting, Wishful Generosity, Wishful Keys, Well Wishes etc.

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What Is Season Of The Wish Engram In Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, Wish Engrams play a significant role in seasonal activities and rewards in Season of the Wish.

Furthermore, these engrams serve as containers for various rewards, ranging from powerful weapons to high-stat armor pieces.

Besides, the Wish Engrams are connected to the powerful wish-grating Dragon, Ahamkara.

You can focus the engrams into the pieces of high-stat Season of the Wish armor.

You can use the wish engrams to obtain powerful weapons and weapon patterns and customize your Guardian stats.

However, it’s important to use these engrams wisely because they disappear with each new season.

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How To Earn Season Of The Wish Engram?

There are various seasonal bonuses that you must unlock to earn Wish engrams.

Hence, this encourages players to engage in specific activities and unlock all seasonal bonuses.

destiny 2 season of wish
In Destiny 2, the Season of The Wish engram can be earned by unlocking seasonal bonuses.

1. Unlock Wishful Armor Focusing Seasonal Bonus

In this season, you must obtain a full set of Season of the Wish armor to unlock the Wishful armor-focusing seasonal bonus.

In addition, you can focus the Wish engrams into the individual pieces of high-stat Season of the Wish armor.

Hence, you can customize your rewards and focus on specific armor pieces to improve your character’s performance.

2. Unlock Wishful Weapon Focusing Seasonal Bonus

To unlock the Wishful armor focusing seasonal bonus, you must obtain any six seasons of the Wish or undying weapons.

Hence, this will enable you to focus Wish engrams into individual seasons of the wish or undying weapons.

3. Unlock Wish Crafting Seasonal Bonus

If you complete challenges in the Riven’s Lair playlist or within The Coil, you unlock the Wishcrafting bonus for the season.

Thus, with this bonus, you can focus on the first wish weapon engram using Spirit of Riven in the Helm weekly for more significant rewards.

Hence, you will surely get a weapon with a Deepsight Resonance pattern when you focus the first wish weapon engram.

helm destiny 2
Focus on the first wish weapon engram using Spirit of Riven in the Helm each week for bigger rewards.

4. Unlock Solcrafting Seasonal Bonus

You must defeat Vex with reprised Undying weapons to unlock the Solecrafting Seasonal bonus.

If you focus the first undying weapon each week with the spirit of Riven in the Helm, you will again get a weapon with Deep sight resonance.

5.  Unlock Wishful Generosity Seasonal Bonus

You must reach rank 10 with the Spirit of Riven in the Helm to unlock the Wishful Generosity seasonal bonus.

Moreover, if you complete all the activities, this bonus will give you an additional wish engram.

6. Unlock Wishful Keys Seasonal Bonus 

To unlock the Wishful Keys seasonal bonus, you must redeem Lair keys when opening the lair chests in Riven’s lair or the coil.

Hence, you can earn an additional wish engram while redeeming a lair key in Riven’s lair.

7. Unlock Well Wishes Seasonal Bonus 

To obtain the Wish Engram, you must complete the Blind Well activity on Tier three or higher each week.

Besides, you can complete the Blind Well activity in the Dreaming City, unlocking the Well Wishes seasonal bonus.

You can also get either a piece of the high-stat season of the wish armor or a season of the wish weapon.

The Bottom Line

You must spend the wish engrams wisely focusing on the specific weapons or armor pieces that align with your in-game goals.

Hence, you can obtain a level of control over the loot to shape your destiny in the game by focusing on the wish engrams

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