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Explore All Second Class Meals Of Dreamlight Valley

There are various types of meals that you can prepare in Dreamlight Valley.

Furthermore, these meals are either a part of the Dreamlight duties or the seasonal challenges.

Also, meals have a rating from one start up to five stars depending on the rarity of ingredients.

Second-class meals are the two-star meals of the game.

Second-class meals in Dreamlight Valley are two-star meals with fairly simple ingredients that are easier to find throughout the valley. Stuff Your Face With Second Class Meals is a Haunted Holiday Star Path duty.

Here we will discuss the details of second-class meals in Dreamlight Valley.

What Are Second Class Meals In Dreamlight Valley?

Second-class meals are the meals with 2-star ratings in Dreamlight Valley.

The ratings of the meals go up depending on the rarity of the ingredients.

Additionally, it also depends on the difficulty of the recipe.

However, the meals also sell for a higher amount of money.

Second Class Meals In Dreamlight Valley
The 2-star meals of Dreamlight Valley

For example, the Pan Fried Angler Fish is the most expensive meal of the game.

The meal sells for a whopping 2,500 star coins and is a four-star dish.

There are many second-class meals available in the game.

They are categorized into three divisions:

  1. 2-star Appetizers
  2. 2-star Entrées
  3. 2-star Deserts

The Stuff Your Face With Second Class Meals Quest

Stuff Your Face With Second Class Meals is one of the duties of the Haunted Holiday Star Path.

The Haunted Holiday Star Path is a Halloween-themed seasonal quest of the game.

In addition, the Star Path ends on November 1, 2023.

Second Class Meals Dreamlight Valley
The Haunted Holiday Star Path is a seasonal mission that you must finish before time runs out

So you must complete as many duties as possible before time runs out.

For the Stuff Your Face With Second Class Meals duty, you must prepare 15 second-class meals.

Additionally, you must prepare and also eat the 15 2-star dishes.

Furthermore, completing this duty will give you 10 Lollipop points or tokens.

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Details of All The Second-Class Meals Of The Game

As you know by now, you must prepare 15 second-class meals for the duty.

So here is a list of some of the second-class meals and their details.

1. 2-star Appetizers

Here is a breakdown of all the second-class appetizers of Dreamlight Valley:

French Fries

To make French Fries, you need Canola and Potatoes.

Additionally, you can sell fresh fries for 304 coins and also gives you 342+ energy.

Green Salad

Any Vegetable Lettuce can help you make Green Salad.

Moreover, they can sell at a price of 20 coins and give you 180+ energy.

Marinated Herring

Marinated Herring needs Herring fish and Onion to prepare.

In addition, this dish can sell at a price of 305 coins and gives you 723+ energy.

Oyster Platter

You will need Oyster and Lemon for the Oyster Platter.

Furthermore, this dish can give you 367 coins and 1,155+ energy.

Peppermint Tea

For Peppermint Tea, you will need Mint and Lemon.

In addition, you can sell this tea at a price of 146 counts and give an energy of 993+.

Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus and Canola can help you prepare Roasted Asparagus.

Additionally, you can sell Roasted Asparagus for a price of 313 coins, giving you 221+ energy.

Sautéed Mushrooms

Sautéed Mushrooms need Mushrooms and Butter for preparation.

Moreover, this can sell at a price of 286 coins and gain 712+ energy.

Seafood Platter

You will need two for any seafood to be able to make a Seafood Platter.

Additionally, you can gain 116 coins and 458+ energy.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup needs two of any vegetables for preparation.

In addition, you can sell this soup for 20 coins and gain 120+ energy.

2. 2-star Entrées

The list below are all the 2-star entrées of Dreamlight Valley.

Baked Carp

Baked Carp requires Carp and Butter and provides 1,894+ energy.

Also, you can sell Baked Carp for 767 coins.

Crispy Baked Cod

You will need Cod and Wheat to make a Crispy Baked Cod dish.

In addition, you can 47 coins and gain 337+ energy.

Fish Sandwiches

Any kind of fish and wheat can be used to make the Fish Sandwiches.

Furthermore, this dish can give you 34 coins and 337+ energy.

Grilled Fish Entrée

Grilled Fish Entrée requires any fish and any vegetable.

Additionally, it sells at a price of 42 coins and gives 340+ energy.


For Pasta, you will need Wheat and Tomato.

In addition, it sells at a price of 30 coins and gives 117+ energy.

Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanuts and Wheat can help you make a Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Also, this dish gives you 592+ energy and sells at 262 coins.


Porridge requires Milk and Wheat and sells at 301 coins. It also gives 668+ energy.

3. 2-star Deserts

Here are all the 2-star desserts of Dreamlight Valley:

Caramel Apples

You will need Sugarcane and Apples for Caramel Apples.

Moreover, it sells at a price of 56 coins and gives 638+ energy.

Fruit Sorbet

Fruit Sorbet requires Slush Ice and Any fruit and gives 857+ energy

In addition, it sells at a price of 222 coins.

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon and Slush Ice are required for Lemon Sorbet.

Furthermore, this desert sells at a price of 237 coins and gives 1112+ energy.

Mint Candy

Mint Canady requires Mint and Sugarcane and sells at 128 coins.

Additionally, it gives an energy of 391+.

Sweet Slush

To make Sweet Slush, Slush Ice and Any Sweet.

In addition, this desert gives 510+ energy and sells at a price of 219 coins.

So, you either sell these second-class dishes to make a good amount of money.

Or, you can eat these meals to give yourself the energy they provide.

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The Bottom Line

Second-class meals are the 2-star rated meals in Dreamlight Valley.

Preparing meals and eating or selling them are part of different missions.

In the Haunted Holiday Star Path, one duty requires you to prepare and eat 15 second-class meals.

So, out of the ones we mentioned, you can choose to make any 15 to complete this duty.

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