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Shadow Cursed Shambling Mound: How To Defeat Him?

The shadow-cursed shambling mound is a boss-type monster weak to elemental damage in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

However, going up against them can be quite challenging because of their high damage and health. 

Defeating the Shadow Cursed Shambling Mound is quite easy. Players can use elemental damage to enhance their damage against the mound.

This article discusses the shadow-cursed shambling mound in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Shadow Cursed Shambling Mound In BG3? 

Shadow cursed shambling mound is a boss-type monster in Baldur’s Gate 3. Players will first come across this monster in Act 2. 

The mound will typically ambush the players. Thus, players must be vigilant during their playthrough. 

Furthermore, the mound will not ambush alone; instead, it will bring other similar monsters. 

Therefore, players may encounter a group of smaller monsters with the shadow-cursed shambling mound as the main boss. 

Additionally, there are no specific areas where players will meet the boss-type monster

Thus, if payers want to go up against it, players must leave it to their luck rather than actively searching for them. 

Similarly, the mound is typically a few levels above the current level of the player and his party. 

Consequently, players cannot over-level against the mound. However, players prepare their best for these situations. 

Shadow cursed mound monster Bg3
The shadow-cursed mound ambushes in Baldur’s Gate 3.

As we mentioned before, the mound is an ambusher; thus, if the players are heading to an area that does not have a good way to rest, they should carry many ways to recover their health.

Furthermore, it is better to have a cleric who can always heal in the team.

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How To Defeat Shadow Cursed Shambling Mound In BG3?

Defeating the shadow-cursed shambling mound is quite easy in Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, due to the high level that the shadow-cursed shambling mound possesses, players may need to go the extra mile to defeat the monster.

The first time you encounter the mound, you must place your party members far apart but not too far.

Then, you have two choices: walk up to the mobs near the mound and defeat them or use long-range attacks to defeat the mound first.

Furthermore, players can use elemental damage to enhance their damage against the mound further.

Thus, players may want to invest a bit in fire or cold damage in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Furthermore, if players can inflict burn damage on the mound, players can constantly inflict burn and slowly chip away at the monster’s health.

Defeat mound and the supporting monsters Bg3
Defeat the supporting monsters to defeat the mound more easily.

However, if the mound does get to the party members, it will deal massive damage that can hinder the players quite a bit.

Thus, as we mentioned before, players should invest in getting more ways to recover their health if they come across the mound.

Furthermore, players can also brute force their way against the mound.

However, to brute force against the mound, you must invest even more in recovery.

Moveset Of The Shadow-Cursed Shambling Mound

When players encounter the mound, they may not know it has a specific move set.

The move set is heavily dictated by the type of mound the players encounter.

Thus, players may want to pay attention to the type of monster they encounter.

Some of the skills that players may observe are:

  • Vine whip
  • Dash
  • Slam
  • Creation of walls to block skills

These are only a few skills that we observed. However, players can expect to see more attack patterns when they encounter the monster.

Furthermore, players must also pay attention to the other smaller monsters accompanying the boss-type monster due to its ambushing nature.

The Bottom Line

Players can defeat mound monsters the same way they defeat others.

But, the issue arises because the monster ambushes players, which means players cannot predict when they will encounter the mound.

However, players can always prepare for the worst and have a healing character and other ways to recover, ready to go up against the monster.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in going up against the mound and defeating it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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