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Explore The Shark Race In Blox Fruits

Shark race in Blox Fruits is one of the rare species that players can start the game out as.

Visually the species will evolve into a full-fledged shark as the game progresses.

The Shark Race in Blox Fruits is a very rare species that players can spawn with on joining the game for the first time. The species also sports various perks that allow it to reduce the damage the players take when going up against hostile NPCs and other players.

This article discusses the Shark Race and its pros and cons in Blox fruits.

What Are Races In Blox Fruits?

Races are a core mechanic in Blox Fruits that allow players to obtain various unique traits specific to certain races.

Furthermore, in Blox Fruits, players must roll for the races rather than just choose one like other games.

Thus, this can be a turn-off for certain players who prefer to choose a race rather than have a Gacha-like mechanic for the races.

The races that players have a chance to become in Blox fruits are:

  • Human
  • Shark
  • Angel
  • Rabbit
  • Cyborg
  • Ghoul

Among the six races, Cyborg and Ghoul are unique races that players can obtain through different methods.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, the races have mechanics similar to gacha games.

Players have a high probability of becoming the Human race with 62.5%. However, every other race has an equal probability of 12.5%.

This means players will see more of the human race than any other race in the game.

Blox fruit race awakening
There are multiple races in Blox Fruit.
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What Is The Shark Race In Blox Fruits?

The Shark race is one of the races the players can get while creating their character in Blox Fruits.

This race is adept at dealing with water-type damages. However, there are various issues with the race as well.

Similar to other races, there are a total of four stages of the shark race.

Furthermore, each stage comes with its unique perks and also strengthens the existing perks of the race itself.

Shark race v3 blox fruits
The shark race is adept at mitigating water damage.

In V2, the shark race can swim faster than the Brigade. However, in V3, the shark race can endure various attacks.

These evolution stages are essential for any race since they can bring out new abilities or improve their existing abilities.

However, players must fulfill specific criteria before progressing to the next stage.

Furthermore, if players are unlucky and do not get the Shark race when they create their characters, they can reroll the species.

But, when you reroll the species, the 12.5% chance of becoming a shark increases to only 25% chance.

Thus, even when rerolling, the Gacha-like mechanic for the species will persist.

Pros And Cons Of Shark Race In Blox Fruits

Every race in Blox Fruits has its share of pros and cons. The Shark race also possesses its pros and cons.

Here is a list of pros and cons of the Shark Race in Blox Fruits:

1. Pros

Here is a list of pros of the Shark Race in Blox Fruits:

  • Immunity to water damage, this perk comes to fruition after the player enters the second stage of the Shark Race.
  • Reduction in damage taken from players and NPCs. After reaching the third stage, players will obtain the Water Body ability.
  • The Waterbody ability decreases any damage from NPCs and players by 80% when activated.

2. Cons

Here is a list of cons of the Shark Race in Blox Fruits:

  • Ice V1/V2, Magma V2 and Human Buddha V2 will render this race’s passive useless after they obtain the Sea Walk ability.
  • The stages do not inherently provide speed boosts. Thus, players may face the risk of being unable to battle with species with high-speed stats.

The main reason to try and become the Shark species is precisely for its ability to reduce the damage taken from the enemies.

This ability alone makes it good at going up against various enemies and tackling some of the hardest bosses in the game.

The Bottom Line

The Shark species is desirable due to its damage reduction ability. Furthermore, the species evolutions also look great visually.

Thus, when considering any species, players must look into their pros and cons and their visuals.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the Shark species in Blox Fruits.

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