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How To Unlock Dough Raid?

In Blox Fruits, players can unlock the dough raid by going to the cake land. 

But there are a few more steps to this raid than players expect there to be. 

Players can unlock the dough raid by obtaining the cake chalice and heading out to the cake land in Sea of Treats. After defeating a certain number of enemies in the area, players can summon the dough king to begin the dough raid. 
This article discusses the dough raid and the way to unlock it in Blox fruits.

What Is The Dough Raid?

The dough raid is one of the fights that players can go through in Blox Fruits. During the raid, the players will fight the dough king.

However, in certain cases, players may instead meet the cake prince.

In this case, players will not earn the same rewards as when fighting the dough king.

The dough king boasts a massive 1,111,500 HP and is level 2300.

Thus, when you go up against the king, you have to be well prepared lest you will face your demise.

The dough king also sports a variety of skills that players must keep in mind. The skills are:

  • Awakened Dough: X, V, Long ranged tap
  • Spikey Trident: M1

Each variant of the skills is capable of dealing massive damage, especially the awakened dough.

When the dough king uses any of the awakened dough’s variants, stay out of his attack range.

This will allow you to be at a safe distance until the skill duration ends. However, you may have difficulty dodging the long-ranged tap.

dough king the boss of dough raid
Dough King is the boss of the dough raid.

The dough king is the most difficult raid boss in the game.

However, there are times when players will end up summoning the cake prince.

Players tend to go into other portals to find a dough king and complete a bounty in these cases.

Thus, summoning the dough king on a private server rather than a public one is better.

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Unlocking Dough Raid In Blox fruits

Players must follow a few steps before unlocking the dough raid.;

These steps are quite simple and will not take much time for players to complete and get to the raid.

Here is a list of steps to unlock the dough raid:

  1. First, obtain 10 conjured cocoa and god’s chalice.
    collect cocoa and god's chalice
    Collect cocoa and god’s chalice to access the dough raid.
  2. Then, head to the door of time in Chocolate Land. Here, you will find the sweet crafter.
  3. Then, exchange the conjured cocoa and god’s chalice for the cake chalice.
    cake chalice for dough raid
    Obtain the cake chalice for the dough raid.
  4. Then, head to Cake Land in Sea of Treats. 
  5. Here, you must defeat 500 enemies before summoning the dough king. 
  6. You can check the number of enemies left to defeat by interacting with the drip_mama NPC.
    track enemies defeated from drip mama
    Talk with drip mama to track the enemies.
  7. After you defeat all 500 enemies, the player with the chalice must interact with the NPC to summon the dough king. 

After you summon the dough king, the real raid begins.

Thus, players must prepare well beforehand if they want to have a chance to defeat the dough king.

Rewards Of Dough Raid

After you defeat the dough king in the dough raid, you will earn various rewards in Blox Fruits.

These rewards are nothing to scoff at because every reward you obtain through this raid is legendary.

Here is a list of items that you will earn as rewards from the dough raid:

  1. Spikey Trident
  2. Pale Scarf
  3. Red key
  4. Mirror Fractal
  5. Dough King Title
  6. 6 levels
  7. Currency

Among these rewards, the chance of dropping the spikey trident is only 15%. However, all other rewards are guaranteed drops.

The Bottom Line

Players can go up against various raid bosses in the Blox fruits; however, the dough king is the strongest compared to every other raid boss.

Furthermore, there is a chance that the players will get the dough king’s weapon as a drop.

Thus, it is worth the time to summon the dough king and defeat him.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about the ways to unlock the dough raid in Blox fruits.

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