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Is Ship Combat Too Hard In Starfield?

Ships are essential during travel, combat and other reasons in Starfield.

The size of your ship, your crew members, and their skills are also important elements to win a combat.

Players have been arguing over the Internet that the ship combat is way too hard and there is no way to victory.

Ship Combat can be too hard in Starfiled as players express their dissatisfaction because of the difficulty level of ship combat. However, with proper technique and practice you can excel in ship combat.

This article discusses the details of ship combat and the steps to defeat enemies in ship combat.

What Is Ship Combat?

Ship combat is useful in defeating enemies during encounters and defending their members.

In addition, ship combat requires a combination of weapons, shields, and other ammunition.

Starfield Ship Combat Too Hard
Ship combat can be challenging and complex in Starfield

There are three main types of weapons used in Starfield ship combat:

  1. Lasers: They are the most powerful weapons but have the longest reload time.
  2. Ballistics: They are less powerful, but they fire more quickly.
  3. Missiles: They are the least powerful weapons, but they can be used to target specific areas of the enemy ship.

Shields in the ships help to protect them from damage. Additionally, the ships can be recharged by using energy cells.

Players can use EMP weapons to disable the enemy shields.

Ship combat is challenging and complex, but it can just be a matter of time and practice that you master the combat.

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Is Ship Combat Really Difficult?

Ship Combat can be really difficult and challenging at some point in the game.

Many players have soft-locked themselves in a quest or a mission due to the complexity of ship combat.

Reddit User Ship Combat Hard
Reddit user expressing dissatisfaction on the ship combat of Starfield.

Players have taken on discussion platforms like Reddit, Steam, Twitter and others and expressed their dissatisfaction.

Steam User Ship Combat
Steam user expressing dissatisfaction on the ship combat of Starfield

Some players have explained that the space combat system is awful, while others explained how ship combat is stupidly difficult.

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How Does Ship Combat Work In Starfield?

During your space travel, you will see a ship’s name in red, which is an enemy ship.

Additonally, during your encounter, you will see the ship’s name, the level of the ship and the distance away from your ship.

You will also see the ship’s health bar and the shied bar near the ship, which can give you additional information.

The three weapons on your ship can have two firing types.

  1. Auto Type: Auto Type rotate and aim automatically no matter the ship’s direction.
  2. Manual Type: Manual Type is aimed at the direction of the ship manually by the ship’s pilot.

If you are on a PC, use Mouse1, Mouse2, or G on the keyboard or mouse to fire these weapons.

However, if you are on a controller, use RT, LT or Y.

Furthermore, it is to your advantage that you can fire all three weapons simultaneously.

How To Defeat Enemies In Ship Combat?

Here are a few tips you can use to defeat enemies during ship combat.

1. Use Realistic Movements

Starfield uses 6DOF realistic movement during the space combat.

Therefore, use basic movement tricks during combat and tricks to sneak up on enemies.

Practicing and starting with smaller enemies is always a better choice.

2. Consider The Enemy Ship’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Every ship has its own stats like speed, power, technology, shield, etc.

So, recognizing the ship’s strengths and weaknesses is essential to be able to win a combat.

A large ship can have a higher defense and better technology however its speed can be questionable.

However, a smaller ship can have higher speed but simpler technology.

3. Target The Control System

Targeting the engine of the enemy ship is the best way to win a ship’s combat.

However, the engine is hard to target as shields can protect this vulnerable area.

Moreover, the target system can be easily damaged if you successfully attack the engine.

4. Escape To Control Damage

If you have no chance of winning the battle, then escape is always an option.

Escaping from the battle means losing the battle but having little damage.

Escape Ship Combat
Escaping ship combat is always an option during battle

You can always escape while the enemy tries to shield themselves or whenever possible.

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The Bottom Line

Ship Combat is an essential element while also being challenging and complex.

The combat is difficult, and many players have expressed their problems.

However, you can excel in ship combat with proper practice and some preparation.

You must keep the enemy ship’s strength and weakness in mind and target their engine.

Hope you found the article helpful to win your next ship combat in Starfield.

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