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Ways To Obtain Single Shot Sphere Launcher In Palworld

In Palworld, getting access to new and improved technology is crucial to progressing through the game.

Single-shot Sphere launcher is one of the Ancient technologies that allows you to capture pals from a long distance.

To obtain a Single Shot Sphere Launcher in Palworld, you need to have 4 Ancient Technology points and then you can buy them in the technology section of your inventory.

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What Is Single Shot Sphere Launcher In Palworld?

Palworld is a game full of interesting technologies, landscapes, and adventure throughout your journey.

Single Shot Sphere Launcher is one of the interesting technologies that allows you to shoot a single sphere.

Single shot Sphere Launcher
Single Shot Sphere Launcher with four recipes in Palworld.

Moreover, the sphere has a long-distance range and can capture strong pals from a distance in just one shot of the sphere.

Hence, due to its power and potential, it’s hard to obtain the technology as you have to grind high-level bosses.

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Where To Find Single Shot Sphere Launcher In Palworld?

Single Shot sphere is listed as an ancient technology that can only be unlocked by ancient technology points.

Since it’s ancient technology, you can find it in the Ancient Technology option of your inventory and shop.

Scroll down a bit and at the 29th number, you will see this technology with a gun-like structure but a big firing hole.

This technology can only be obtained by buying with Ancient Technology points and cannot be achieved in other ways.

How To Obtain Single Shot Sphere Launcher?

To get Ancient Technology in Palworld, you’ll need to defeat bosses throughout its world for the first time.

As a result, you need to obtain 4 Ancient Technologies to unlock the Launcher in Palworld.

To obtain Ancient Technologies Points follow these steps.

1. Defeat Syndicate Tower bosses

The best bosses to fight are Syndicate Tower bosses, which give you five Ancient Technology Points when defeat them.

Make sure you level up, bring your best gear, and use Pals that exploit the weaknesses of the boss you’re battling.

Syndicate Tower
This is the Syndicate Tower where you can find bosses who will drop Ancient Technology Points.

2. Defeating Alpha Pals

Alpha Pals are the much larger and tougher versions of regular Pals that roam the open world.

These appear with a red icon next to their name and drop one Ancient Technology Point when defeated.

Palworld Alpha Pal
An Alpha Pal is usually huge in size and is stronger than regular Pals.

3. Beating The Bosses At Dungeons

You can also get an Ancient Technology Point by beating the bosses at the end of Palworld’s dungeons.

These are very similar to Alpha Pals, though you’ll have to fight your way through the dungeon to reach them.

Dungeon in Palworld
This Cave-like structure is known to be the Entrance to Dungeons in Palworld.
Important Note: Palworld bosses only drop Ancient Technology Points the first time you kill them. Therefore, you’ll have to thoroughly explore the map and other locations to get more Ancient technology points.

The Bottom Line

The journey to acquire the Single Shot Sphere Launcher in Palworld promises excitement and challenges.

Remember, the thrill of discovery is part of what makes the gaming experience truly captivating.

Gear up and defeat Bosses and High leveled Pals to obtain Ancient Technology points and Single Shot Sphere Launcher.

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