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Sink Or Swim Quest In Skull And Bones: Hunt The Rogue Convoy

In Skull and Bones, players come across one of the exciting quests called Sink or Swim while playing the game.

Sink or Swim is one of the early quests in the game, which is provided by the manager of Le Pant Muet.

Players need to accept the contract for the sink-and-swim quest by visiting Yanita Nara in Skull and Bones.

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Accept The Sink Or Swim Quest In Skull And Bones

Players can partake in the Sink or Swim Quest in Skull and Bones and embrace its benefits.

Sink or Swim Quest is one of the earliest quests in the game, where players need to follow Yanita’s instructions.

Yanita is the manager of Le Pont Muet and can be found in the restaurant bar.

Prepare to initiate yourself into the underground world of the Helm before meeting Yanita.

Upon meeting Yanita in her bar, you can accept the Sink or Swim Quest that will test your skills as a captain.

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Rogue Hunting During Sink Or Swim Quest

During this quest, players need to explore the vast sea for a cut of the Helm’s lucrative contracts.

Additionally, players should take on a supply network contract for the helmet as a primary objective of the quest.

After accepting the contract, players can unlock a new tab in the Supply Network to find the intelligence to hunt rogue convoys.

Players should track this convoy as it is carrying sugar cane and other Helm materials.

However, be careful of the specialized warships during the Rouge hunt, as they belong to four rival gangs.

Step-by-step Guide To Sink or Swim Quest In Skull And Bones.

Players should complete a series of events to complete the Sink or Swim Quest in Skull and Bones, 

Here is a list of some of the tasks that players should meet to complete the quest successfully.

1. Enter The Smuggler’s Hideout

To begin the expedition, players should head to the smuggler’s hideout to meet the Yanita.

Here, you can now discuss with Yanita and learn the details of the quest.

Sink Or Swim Quest In Skull And Bones
Players should meet the manager of Le Pont Muet to initiate the quest in skulls and bones.

Moreover, use the table beneath the massive map hanging on the wall and learn about the specifics of the quest.

This quest demands that you look for the rogue ships to steal their cargo, specifically the Helm’s part.

2. Start Rogue Hunt Contract

Players should begin their expedition to hunt down the rogue ships by entering the sea.

Make sure your ship is in the right condition before starting the journey, and manage your inventory.

You should not forget your belongings, like the treasure map, cannon balls, and some food to give you energy.

3. Intercept The Rogue Convoy

Players should march forward in the vast sea until they reach the Bloody Channel.

At Bloody Channel, players should intercept and attack the boat that is carrying the shipment of Helm Materials.

Enter Bloody Channel in Skull and bones
Upon reaching the Bloody Channel, players can intervene against the rogue ships carrying necessary materials.

Likewise, you should stop the Rogue Convoy and sink the cargo ship to steal the shipment of Helm materials successfully.

Finally, as you sink the ship, the Rogue Hunt contract is completed successfully.

4. Give The Rogue Hunt Receipt To Yanita

After you complete the Rogue Hunt contract, you own all the materials from the Rogue Hunt.

Likewise, players should now give the Rogue Hunt Receipt to Yanita to complete the Sink or Swim quest in Skull and Bones.

Visit the Le Pont Muet Restaurant and give the Rogue Hunt Receipt to Yanita to complete the quest.

Additionally, upon completing the quest, players receive 300 Infamy points as a reward.

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