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Explore The Vestige Of Ethryg In Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is an action role-playing game known for its challenging gameplay inspired by the Soul series.

The game features various checkpoints and resting points in different areas and levels, which players know as the Vestiges.

In Lord of the Fallen, Vestige Of Ethryg is one of the checkpoints and resting points located on the Skyrest Bridge. Furthermore, players can unlock this checkpoint after defeating the boss Pieta.

This article discusses the Vestige Of Ethryg In Lords Of The Fallen.

What Is Vestige In Lord Of The Fallen?

Players can find the Vestiges in the overworld and the umbral world of Lords of the Fallen.

Vestiges are the checkpoints and resting points that players can use to rest, upgrade their weapons or join other players.

These marked places allow players to rest or pause the movement of lurking enemies.

Furthermore, players can also create temporary Vestiges using the Vestige Seeds.

These temporary Vestiges can only be created on the particular location mark, which is the Umbral Flowerbed.

However, apart from the temporary Vestiges, the game provides several Vestiges scattered in the different locations on the map.

Also, once you encounter one of them, you need to activate them, and they will become the permanent checkpoint for your future travel.

Vestige Of Ethryg
Vestige Of Ethryg can restore health and mana completely.

They can also be used while enemies are around, but you will be vulnerable to being attacked. 

Vestige Of Ethryg is also one of the permanent Vestige.

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Where Is The Vestige Of Ethryg In Lords Of The Fallen?

The Vestige Of Ethryg is one of the resting points found in Skyrest.

Players can also teleport from one Vestige to another Vestige by selecting the Wrap to Vestige option.

Furthermore, players can find this Vestige in the Skyrest Bridge.

Once you reach there, you can head down the stairs and make your way to the end of the room.

You will find a couple of NPCs around there, and the Vestige of Ethryg will be placed behind those NPCs.

Once you activate the Vestige of Ethryg, you can access the following features;

  • Rest: This feature will completely restore the player’s Health and Mana. 
  • Warp to Vestige: This will allow you to teleport to another previously unlocked Vestige.
  • Upgrade Character: Helps to upgrade the character’s stats.
  • Multiplayer: You can summon another player with this feature.

Furthermore, you will also encounter Pieta near the Vestige of Ethryg, which will allow you to enhance the Sanguinarix.

However, it would be best to have Saintly Quintessences to upgrade the Sanguinarix.

Once players activate Vestige of Ethryg, they can easily interact with Pieta and upgrade the Sanguinarix.

In addition, you will able to easily access the Pieta when needed.

Other Vestiges Location In Lord Of The Fallen

Here are other Vestiges you can activate in Lord of the Fallen;

1. Abanndone Recopse: Players can find the Vestige of Hannelore at the entrance of Recops village and Vestige of Marco the Axe in Readcopse Windmill.

2. Abbey of the hallowed sisters: The Vestige of Rosamund can be found in this location.

3. Bramis Castel: Vestige of the Bloody Pilgrim is located in this location.

4. Defiled Sepulchre: Location where players can find Vestige of Ranik.

5. Fief of the Chill Curse: Players can find Vestige of Svornil in this location and Vestige of Loash inThe Crow’s Nest.

6. Fitzroy’s Gorge: Found Vestige of Betrayed Eliard in Shrine of Adyr.

7. Forsaken Fen:You will find Vestige of Olleren, Vestige of Valade at Forsaken Fen Lookout and Vestige of Pale Butcher at Shuja Hamlet.

8. Revelation Depths: This location comprises the Vestige of Lost Berescu.

9. The Empyrean: Location for Vestige of Iorelo the Cursed Knight.

These are a few locations of the Vestige available in the game. Players can keep exploring other places to find other Vestiges.

The Bottom Line 

Vestiges are the checkpoints and rest points where players can upgrade their weapons and restore their health and mana.

You can find the Vestige of Ethryg in Lord of the Fallen at Skyrest Bridge.

It is located near the NPC known as Pieta, the former boss.

Once you activate the Vestiges of Ethryge, you can easily unlock the route to enhance your Sanguinarix.

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