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How To Commandeer Ship In Starfield?

In Starfield, players are introduced to various captivating features, quests and galaxies to travel.

However, they need to have a ship to access this feature. Building or purchasing these ships can cost you a fortune.

Therefore, players have another option to obtain a ship by completing the quest and commandeering/stealing a ship.

Players can Commandeer ships in Starfield. To commandeer a ship in Starfield, you must have the Targeting Control Systems skill, destroy the ship’s engines, dock and board the vessel, kill all enemies inside, and have the required Piloting skill.

Continue reading to discover how to Commandeer a ship in detail in Starfield.

Explore The Ships In Starfield

Ships in Starfield are the most important vehicles to explore different planets and complete several quests.

The ships are categorized into three classes: A, B and C.

Additionally, the ships can be built and purchased from different vendors.

It would be best to build the Ship with different modules such as engines, reactors, weapons, etc.

However, if you can get the pre-built Ship, you can visit Ship Technicial and purchase a ship.

Unfortunately, for both methods, players will require vast amounts of credits.

Instead, players can Commandeer someone else’s Ship. However, it would be best if you had proper in-game qualifications to do so.

Before you Commandeer Ship, you should know the Best Ship to steal.

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How To Commandeer Ship In Starfield?

Before you, Commandeer/steal any ship, you should have some skills such as Targeting skills, etc.

Here is the step-by-step guide to Commandeer ship in Starfield;

 1. Board The Ship 

To board the Ship, first, you must unlock the Targeting Control System skill in the Tech tree.

This ability helps you to target different sub-systems in enemy ships.

Furthermore, the target increased by 15%, 30% and 60% while ranking up.

Subsequently, ranking will make it easy to lock in the target.

Once you unlock the Targeting Control System, start to shoot enemies engine.

You can lock the engine by getting close to the Ship.

 Commandeer Ship
Players can see this screen once they get the Targeting control system.

After that, continue hammering the engine until you destroy it, and stop before you destroy the hull.

Once you are close enough, the prompt to dock the Ship will appear on the screen.

Press the corresponding button, and the Ship will be docked.

Then, you will get the option to board the Ship, select that, and you will board the enemy ship.

2. Commandeer Ship

Once you board the other Ship, the enemies won’t let you steal the Ship. You have to kill all the enemy on board.

The size and class of the Ship determine those enemies.

After dealing with the enemies, you can clear out all valuables. Loot everything and transfer it to your Ship.

Then, head towards the cockpit and pilot the Ship whenever you want.

However, it is better to Commandeer the enemy’s Ship in Starfield to keep your bounty low and your companion happy.

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How To Get Authorization To Commandeer Ship?

Many players get the prompt saying you’re not authorized to pilot the Ship.

This can happen because you must steal the Class B or C ship.

To Commandeer these ships, you must unlock the Piloting skill from the Tech skill tree.

Then, complete some challenges and increase the rank to get authorized to Commendeer Class B and C ships.

How To Add Commandeered Ship To Your Fleet?

Once you Commendeer the Ship, you can go to the nearby planet or grav jump to reach your home ship.

However, these activity does not register the Ship in your name.

You have to navigate to any spaceport and interact with the ship technician.

They will give you a dialogue to view and modify the ships. Under the stolen Ship, you can see the register button.

Register ship
Players can find the register button after navigating to the Commandeered ship.

Register it for the price shown on the screen, and it will be yours after the Ship’s ownership.

You will also get the option to sell the Ship once you register it.

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The Bottom Line

Players can Commandeer ships in Starfield which helps players acquire the Ship without paying for it.

However, players need some kill to do a Commandeer ship.

Furthermore, players can Commandeer the Ship by disabling the engine and killing the enemy of the enemy’s Ship.

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