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Slice Of Life In Sims 4: Details And Installation Process

Players can enjoy different mods in Sim4, including the Slice of Life in Sims 4.

The Mod adds a realistic feature to improve the gaming experience.

The Slice of Life mod provides a more realistic look at the character’s life. Players can get drunk, have mensuration, experience a better social life and get timely health updates.

Continue reading to explore Slice of Life in Sims 4 and the process of getting the modification.

Slice Of Life Sims 4: Overview

Sims 4 allows users to install and load external files to modify the user’s gameplay.

One of the mods is the Slice of Life, which provides an overlay of real-life experience.

Eventhough the social simulation game offers plenty of features, some of them seem to be unrealistic.

To add a realistic approach for the characters in Sim 4, Slice of Life offers the following features;

1. Fashion & Beauty

The Fashion and Beauty mod initially launched on August 9, which offers a self-care routine for the players.

Players can transform their character’s appearance and give them a superior look with just a touch.

fashion and beauty mod sims 4
Upgrade the character’s appearance using the Mod.

Funnily so, players can even provide mouth fresheners for that annoying neighbour.

Other features in Fashion and Beauty include Facial overlays, hair transformation, putting cologne and adding makeup for a glamorous look.

2. Health

My Health individual mod adds a real-life condition, including back pain, allergies, lung issues and poor vision.

The characters can also use medicine for cure or inject a vaccine frontally for prevention. 

Additionally, the characters can get cold and dehydrated, have bad hygiene, and even wear face masks.

3. Mensural Cycle 

For realistic gameplay, the Slice of Life mod adds a menstrual cycle option to the teen/adult female characters.

The characters can add and change the tampons, have health issues during the period, and can even give tampons to others.

Also, the tampon will automatically change the character’s tampon; further dirty tampons will also directly affect hygiene.

4. Social Life

Players can experience healthy social interactions with other non-player characters in the game.

Moreover, players can enjoy calls and text their friends and loved ones over the phone.

Characters can also invite others for birthday parties and holidays and even have an option to confess the crush.

5. Memory

My Memory modification allows characters to get memories of special occasions or bad memories.

The special memories include birthdays, promotions, dates, new relationships, pregnancy, giving birth and engagements.

Further, the terrible ones that haunt the characters include friend death, job loss, fires, fighting and breakups.

6. Alcohol

Sims can also get drunk with the Slice of Life modification and have different drunken emotions.

The characters will walk abnormally, feel dizzy, burp or even puke when consuming more liquors.

Players can drink more water to decrease the sobering period and have a hangover.

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How To Get Slice Of Life In Sims 4?

To get the realistic features for the player’s SIM in Sim 4, follow the given steps;

  1. Head to the Kawaiistacie mod’s site after installing the base game.
  2. Select any Slice of Life Sims 4 Mod.
slice of life sims 4
Select the Beauty and Fashion mod.
  1. Scroll down and click Enter Public Release to get the Mod for free
Sims 4 mod
Enter the Pubic download option.
  1. Click on the Download button on Download this Mod on SimFileshare.
  2. Click on the latest file by looking up the date and click the Download button.
Sim File Share
Enter the download button.
  1. Search for the Sims 4 folder on the PC and search for Mods.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to the Mods and launch the game.
slice of life sims 4
Extract the Fashion and Beauty mod to the Sims 4 Mod folder.

The Bottom Line

The social simulation game offers many features, some of which seem unrealistic.

However, with the Slice of Life mod from Kawaiistacie, players can replicate real-life concepts in Sim 4.

There are various mods to choose from, so players can install one that matches their preferences.

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