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Explore Vow Map In Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, players need to travel to the Vow map to collect the scraps for the Company.

Players have to embark on the difficult journey through one of the beginner moons and master the Vow map.

In Lethal Company, players must embark on a journey to several industrialized moons; mastering the Vow map and learning its nature is crucial for this adventure. 

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 Vow Map In Lethal Company: An Overview

In this journey of the Lethal Company, players have to embark on their journey of exploring the moon by traveling to the Vow Map.

Vow Map is one of the first-tier moons available to players to collect the scraps for the Company.

Similarly, the weather conditions in Vow Moon are humid and was once used to be inhabited by people.

As players enter the world of the Vow moon, they can witness the dense forest filled with several dangerous creatures.

Vow Map In Lethal Company.
Witnessing Vow Map in Lethal Company.

Moreover, players must be cautious while navigating the Vow moon world as the hazard level is rated ‘C.’

While embarking on this deadly fit, it is better to have strategic planning as it consists of potential dangers that can escalate at any moment.

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Entrances To The World Of  Vow Map In Lethal Company

Players must navigate through its entrance to embark on the journey of the mysterious world of Vow map.

 Similarly, players can enter the Vow map with two entrances,  by the main entrance or by visiting the fire entrance under the bridge.

Fire Exit Door Vow In Lethal Company
Players can enter the Vow Moon through the Fire Exit.

Moreover, players must understand that entering the Vow Map from its main entrance is hard.

The main entrance possesses several challenges that players must conquer to enter the world of Vow.

However, traveling through the bridge can prevent any issues since it adds to an element of unpredictability.

Although the fire exit provides an easy way to enter the Vow map world, players must watch out for the forest giants.

These forest giants would be roaming around the map of this Vow World, acting as one of the hurdles in your mission.

Several Creatures Found In  Vow Map 

Players must be cautious about the creature that spawns while navigating the dangerous world of the Vow moon.

Similarly, players must understand the spawn rates of several creatures to survive on the Vow map.

In Vow Moon, players can witness different kinds of creatures, such as Daytime Creatures, night-time creatures and indoor creatures.

Moreover, players must learn about every category as each group presents challenges with varying powers.

1. Day Time Creatures

Players can witness several creatures during the daylight, known as daytime creatures.

These daytime creatures on the vow world include the Circuit Bees, Manticoils, and Roaming Locusts.

Moreover, these creatures have the maximum power count of 17 and present a formidable challenge during daylight hours.

2. Night Time Creatures

Likewise, players can witness several Night Time Creatures as night falls on Vow.

Players must encounter creatures like Earth Leviathan, Eyeless Dog, and Forest Keeper during the nighttime.

However, these creatures only have the combined maximum power count of 6, making them slightly less challenging.

3. Indoor Creatures In Vow

Players must be cautious while venturing into the indoor areas of the Vow map as it includes several creatures.

Similarly, players can find Snare Flea, Bunker Spider, Hoarding Bug, Bracken, Thumper, Hygrodere, Coil Head, and Spore Lizards.

All these creatures have their own appearance and distinct power level; however, indoor creatures’s maximum power count is limited to 7.

The Bottom Line

In Lethal Company, players can master the Vow map with strategic planning and understanding of the different creatures.

Similarly, players have to adapt to the dynamic challenges presented by the Vow map, so having communication with your team is beneficial.

In Summary, players should prepare for their journey to embark on different tiers of moons after completing the Vow map.

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