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The New Snapchat Green Line Iphone Bug

Snapchat is facing yet another issue as users are complaining about the green line that appears in their stories.

People are very annoyed with this issue as the green line is an eyesore while watching stories.

In Snapchat, the green line is an active bug that appears mostly on iPhones when users are viewing stories and reels on the app. Currently, there is no way to bypass this bug as it is a software issue of Snapchat.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Snapchat green line bug.

What Is Green Line On Snapchat?

Snapchat is a constant victim of various bugs as users report new bugs with every new software update.

Similarly, a new bug called the Green Line bug has surfaced on the internet which has affected many Snapchat users.

Specifically, a random green line appears on posted stories after users press the post button.

Snapchat Green line on Iphone
The Snapchat green line bug is on the right side of the screen.

Users online have reached out to various social media platforms like X to address this issue to fellow users.

This bug has two green line variants according to the user discussions. They are:

  • A vertical green line is on the right side of the screen.
  • A horizontal line on the bottom of the screen. 

Because of this, users are trying hard to look for a possible fix to bypass this bug.

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Cause For The Green Line on iPhone Screen

The Green Line issue is very common with cellphone devices that are on the higher end.

Under closer inspection, most of the reports about the green line bug have come from iPhone users.

reddit confirms that green line snapchat issue is common on iphones
Reddit discussion proves that the Snapchat Green Line issue is common on iPhones.

Specifically, users who own iPhone 13 models and above are the main victims of this Snapchat bug.

Hence, users can assume that this issue is caused because of an undiscovered bug in Snapchat.

Users have also assumed that high-end phones that come with high-resolution screens cause this glitch.

This is a very reasonable theory as the green line commonly appears on TV screens when some pixels are damaged.

Also, some users mentioned that the green line only appears for stories that are taken from the front camera.

Is The Green Line On Snapchat Stories A Hardware Issue?

The green line issue on Snapchat stories seems to be a software issue and not a Hardware one.

Many points support this statement and some of them are as follows:

  • This issue is only common on higher-end devices with high-quality screens.
  • Users who complained about this issue just started facing it after the latest Snapchat update.
  • Snapchat users who have not updated the app to the latest version are free from this issue.
  • The green line only appears while using the app and is non-existent otherwise.
  • Not all posted stories appear with a green line, meaning that it is a software bug.

The Bottom Line

All other features of Snapchat are running smoothly, meaning that the green line is just a visual bug.

Hence, users must not look too much into this issue as it is a minor one.

Snapchat will probably fix this on the next patch and users should update the app when it is available.

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