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Character AI Repeating Words – 4 Easy Fixes

Character AI allows you to chat with different Character bots based on their attributes. 

Sometimes the system may give you repeated responses or loop in the same phrase over and over. However, it is not an unsolvable one.

You can fix Character AI repeating words issue by restarting the chat, using different prompts, providing feedback or using out-of-character.

In this article, we will illustrate the causes and give you some tips on dealing with this annoying issue.

Causes Of Character AI Repeating 

Character AI is improvising too much; sometimes, it may generate responses with many adjectives, superlatives or periods that make them unnatural or repetitive responses.

Mostly this happens when you ask the Chatbot to improvise or provide lots of suggestions or compliments.

Here are some other primary causes of Character AI providing repeat responses.

  • Character AI memory is full
  • AI is confused about the roles or prompts
  • Lack of feedback

How To Fix Character AI Repeating Words?

Sometimes AI is confused about the plots and forgets what to do and the final goal. This confuses it and repeatedly asks you the same question or repeats the same action.

Character AI repeating is a common problem that many users are facing now. Here are some of the practicable fixes to resolve this issue.

1. Restart The Chat

Sometimes restarting the chat or deleting old messages can help you resolve some basic errors.

This will clear the Chatbot’s memory and prevent it from lopping on the exact words or phrases.

Deleting past conversations may cause an error for some users occasionally.

You can follow these steps to remove the past conversation with the AI Character.

  1. Open your Character AI account and go to the chat conversation.
  2. Click the three horizontal dots icon(⋮) and choose Remove Messages.
click on three vertical dots choose remove message
Click on three vertical dots and select Remove message.
  1. Then, select the messages you want to delete and click the Remove button.
select message click on remove
You can select messages and click on Remove.

This will remove the messages from your view, however, there is no option to delete your chats permanently.

Alternatively, you can ask Character AI to calm down and stop repeating the words or phrases.

For example, you can provide a prompt such as Can you please stop repeating and move on with the story?

This might make the AI realize that it is lopping and breaking out of it. However, this trick may not work sometime if AI is too confused or stuck in its memory.

2. Use Different Prompt

You can minimize Character AI repetition by using different words or their synonyms.

This way, you can easily minimize or avoid repeating the same word or phrase repeatedly.

Additionally, this will make the conversation more natural and assorted.

3. Provide Feedback

Users’ feedback directly influences the Character responses i.e. response choice and response rating. The AI can learn from the response choices and ratings the users provide.

If you select or rate responses with repeat phrases, the Character AI will think you like them and generate more of them.

This means AI will respond more like the ones you choose or like.

You can swipe the last response left or right to see some alternate choices and rate the response from 1 to 4 stars to provide feedback to the system.

Character AI repeating
You can provide ratings or feedback in Character AI.

Additionally, you can describe the issues in detail and send feedback to the Character AI team.

For this click on the Tell us more button, select the labels, input your issues in the message box in details and finally click on Submit feedback.

provide feedback in Character AI
You can provide feedback in Character AI.

This will help the platform learn how to produce better responses in the future.

Additionally, this will offer you more control over the direction of the chat and avoid unwanted loops.

4. Use Out Of Character(OOC)

You can use OOC chat if an AI Character is confused or stuck in memory.

OOC chat means you talk to the AI as yourself, not as your role-playing Character.

You can try using OCC chat to resume the plot, the roles, goals and the settings with the Character. This will help AI Characters remember what they are supposed to do.

You can use parentheses or bracket() tags to write OOC comments, ask questions, give feedback, set rules, negotiate the plot, or just have fun meta-commentary with the AI.

character ai out of character
You can use OOC to eliminate the Character AI Repeating issue.

This will help the AI remember what is happening, clarify what users want and stop repeating itself.

Continue reading to learn why Character AI goes Out of Character.

The Bottom Line

Character AI repeating phrases or words is a common and irritating problem that can ruin the user experience.

By understanding the causes and solutions of this issue, users can fix it and have more pleasing conversations with AI Chatbots.

I hope this article was worthwhile and informative in resolving the Character AI repetition problem.

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