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SoD Server List Revealed: Ready Your Blades

As of now, Blizzard has revealed information about the SoD() server list for World of Warcraft Classic.

Therefore, there are four Seasonal Realms mentioned for the North American region.

The SoD server list features four distinct realms: a Normal for PvE enthusiastic, two PvP, one for adrenaline seekers, another for intense competition, and RP PvP for roleplaying.

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Server List In SoD

Normal realms are PvE, where players focus on quests and cooperative gameplay without open-world PvP.

PvP realms allow open-world player-versus-player combat.

The RP PvP realm combines role-playing elements with PvP action.

Likewise, all realms will be named A Realm and have a Central time zone.

The time zone associated with each realm indicates the server’s operating time.

Additionally, this helps players coordinate events and gameplay across different regions.

Moreover, Blizzard has not yet released any information about the realms’ population.

However, they have said that they will monitor the realms and layer as needed to ensure a smooth player experience.

only two servers
The seasonal realm contains four servers, whereas Hardcore has only two.
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PvP Or PvE Or RP PvP Servers?

In your scenario, the choice between PvP, PvE, or RP PvP servers depends on your preferred playstyle.

Hence, consider your playstyle and preferences to make the best choice for your SoD experience.

1. PvP Server

PvP stands for Player versus Player, and these servers are for players who want to experience the thrill of player-versus-player combat.

However, on PvP servers, players can combat opposing faction members.

Moreover, open-world PvP is a constant possibility; players can attack each other freely in most areas.


  • It adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the game.
  • Encourages strategic gameplay and coordination with fellow faction members.
  • Intense battles and enemies can create a competitive and immersive experience.


  • This server may not be as accessible to new players.
  • The constant threat of enemy players’ attacks can make leveling and questing more challenging.
  • Hence, certain zones may become hotspots for PvP, leading to frequent clashes.

2. PvE Server

PvE stands for Player versus Environment, and these servers are for players who want to focus on PvE content, such as raiding and questing.

Moreover, player-versus-player combat is not allowed on PvE servers.

Players cannot attack members of opposite factions on PvE servers in most zones.

Hence, PvP is consensual, typically only in designated battlegrounds or arenas.


  • It provides a more relaxed and focused experience for cooperative game players.
  • It is an easier questing and leveling experience without the constant threat of enemy players.
  • Therefore, dungeons and raids are the primary focus for challenging content.


  • Lacks the constant thrill of open-world PvP encounters.
  • This may lead to a more predictable and less dynamic gaming experience.
  • However, this server may not be as immersive for role-players.

3. RP PvP Server

RP PvP servers are for players who want to combine the best of both worlds, and it stands for Role-Playing PvP.

Players on RP PvP servers engage in both open-world PvP and immerse themselves in the storytelling aspect of the game.


  • Encourages players to engage in combat and create and live out their character’s story.
  • Combines the excitement of PvP with the depth of role-playing.
  • Additionally, it fosters a sense of community and shared storytelling.


  • Requires a willingness to participate in role-playing, which may not appeal to all players.
  • Balancing PvP and RP elements can sometimes be challenging.
four Seasonal Realms
There are four Seasonal Realms for the North American region.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, your best server type will depend on your preferences.

If you are not interested in player-versus-player combat, then a PvE server is your best choice.

And if you want to combine the best of both worlds, then an RP PvP server may be the right choice.

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