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Some Of Your Hero Customization Is Unavailable In This Instance: Fixes

A very recent bug in Overwatch 2 is the one that says some of your hero customization is unavailable in this instance.

Players online have been speculating what this message might mean on the pre-game screen.

This bug displays the message ‘some of your hero customization is unavailable in this instance’ in a purple box during the hero selection screen. It can block players from selecting some characters and even revert the controls to default.

Continue reading this article to learn more about this issue in Overwatch 2.

What Is The Hero Customization Unavailable Bug In Overwatch 2?

This is a fairly new bug, which is the talk of the town in the Overwatch 2 community.

It appears primarily during the hero selection on the left side of the screen.

This bug does not seem to harm every player that encounters this bug which is very unnatural.

Some Of Your Hero Customization Is Unavailable In This Instance Bug Window In Game
Some Of Your Hero Customization Is Unavailable In This Instance Bug Window In-Game.

However, those affected by it have mentioned blocking them from selecting certain heroes.

A user complained online that it reverted the in-game controls to default during one of the games.

Moreover, abug like this can potentially lead a player to lose their ranked matches in the game.

The ‘reverting controls‘ is an even bigger issue because it surprises players.

And the only way to fix it is by manually changing all the key binds during the live game.

This can lead to players losing the entire match resulting in being reported by other players.

How To Fix Hero Customization Unavailable In This Instance Bug

Currently, there is no possible fix to this bug as this is a recently discovered bug.

For cases where you are restricted from choosing your main hero, there is no option but to choose other heroes.

Therefore, pick one of the heroes you have spent the most time with besides your main hero.

Also, alert your teammates through text or voice chat about the bug so that they can assess the situation.

If this bug reverts your controls, a user has mentioned in an online thread about a quick fix.

Overwatch 2 control settings.
Controls Bind Menu To Fix Hero Customization Is Unavailable Bug.

Just open the menu during the game and go to the Controls sections.

Then, manually replace all the controls with your previous ones so that you can play with ease.

Convey the depth of this issue to the teammates to avoid being reported as being AFK.

Will The Hero Customization Bug Be Fixed In The Future?

The developers are fully aware of this known bug, so they will undoubtedly fix it in the future.

A known bug is a terminology developers use for bugs they are fully aware of.

Furthermore, Craig– the community manager for Overwatch 2, has already mentioned this issue in one of his posts.

some of your hero customization is unavailable in this instance
Developers Response Addressing The Hero Customization Is Unavailable In This Instance Bug.

Therefore, the developers will fix this bug in the upcoming game patch.

Additionally, since this bug displays text in the popup, it might suggest a new game feature.

In other words, someone from the game’s backend had to type in the text message manually.

Thus, players are speculating that there might be options for cosmetics in the hero selection screen in the future.

This is a plausible theory as the bug already features the word ‘Hero Customization.’

But for now, it is just a waiting game for everyone in the community until the next update.

The Bottom Line

The new Hero Customization Unavailable bug might be a blessing in disguise as it might hint towards a new feature upgrade.

Also, although players might occasionally encounter this bug in the game, they can use the aforementioned guide for a quick fix. 

Furthermore, developers have already addressed this bug in the following patch notes, so players shouldn’t be alarmed.

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