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A Guide To Something Comes A’Knocking Quest: Dreamlight Valley

Something Comes A’Knocking is one of the quests of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

It is a special quest where you will meet Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, and help him prepare for his Halloween celebration.

Something Comes A’Knocking is a quest of Pumpkin King Returns update of Dreamlight Valley. After completing the quest, you will be able to unlock the Pumpkin Man himself, Jack Skellington.

Here we will discuss all about the update and the Something Comes A’Knocking quest of Dreamlight Valley.

The Pumpkin King Returns Update

The recent update of Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Pumpkin King Returns update.

In addition, the update is holiday-themed as Christmas is just around the corner.

Also, this update marks the end of the early access for Dreamlight Valley.

The first major feature is that the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington is joining the party.

Furthermore, the Royal Winter Star Path is a new Star Path for the players.

Apart from that, there is new winter clothing available for Belle and Ariel.

The update brings new quality-of-life features and bug fixes along with all these exciting new features.

Another exciting improvement on this update is the multiplayer mode and the Valley visits.

This means you will be able to visit your friends at Dreamlight Valley and play along while sharing items.

These new features and other winter dreams coming to your valley will keep your holiday spirits up.

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What Is The Something Comes A’Knocking Quest?

Something Comes A’Knocking quest is one of the first quests you will be able to complete on this update.

The quest is simple and easy but the reward it unlocks is more exciting for the players.

Furthermore, we already know that the iconic Jack Skellington will be coming to your valley.

Jack Skellington is a character in the legendary movie, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

However, you may be wondering how to unlock the character or even purchase the character.

Well, we have good news as you do not have to purchase the character, he unlocks for free through the quest.

Completing the Something Comes A’Knocking quest will reward you with the character of Jack Skellington.

How To Complete The Something Comes A’Knocking Quest?

Players are more excited than ever to complete the quest for the character of Jack Skellington.

So, here is a breakdown of the steps to the Something Comes A’Knocking quest in Dreamlight Valley.

1. Collect The Matryoshka Dolls

To start with the quest, you have to collect four Matryoshka dolls.

In addition, the Matryoshka dolls are scattered around the Dreamlight Valley.

The first Matryoshka doll will be available in the Plaza area to get you started.

Matryoshka Dolls
Matryoshka dolls are the creepy dolls that you must collect.

Other dolls may spawn in other locations for every player or can be the same for everyone.

One user found the Matryoshka dolls in the following locations.

  • Two on the Plaza
  • One in the Sunlit Plateau
  • One in the Forest of Valor

However, you may not find the dolls in the same areas so be sure to search each location of the valley.

2. Find The Pumpkin Tree

After collecting all four Matryoshka dolls, go to the Forgotten Lands location of the valley.

Or, even after collecting one of the dolls, you can interact with Merlin, he will ask you to go to the Forgotten Lands.

On the Forgotten Lands, is a Pumpkin Tree, a tree with a Pumpkin carved into its body.

tree with a Pumpkin
Find the tree with a Pumpkin carved into it.

3. Put The Dolls In The Pumpkin Tree

Then, you have to place the Matryoshka dolls inside the tree one by one.

With each doll you place, the Pumpkin on the tree will turn orange in color.

After placing the fourth Matryoshka doll inside the tree, you will be spawned to the well area.

Pumpkin Tree Color
The Pumpkin of the Tree will gradually turn orange in color.

4. Unlock Jack Skellington

There, as with all character unlock, you will be able to unlock Jack Skellington successfully.

So, with these simple steps you can complete the Something Comes A’Knocking quest.

And, you can unlock the iconic movie character, the Pumpkin Man, Jack Skellington.

Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin Man from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Bottom Line

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley has brought a new update which is the Pumpkin King Returns update.

Something Comes A’Knocking is one of the quests of the update that helps the players unlock the Pumpkin Man.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the Matryoshka dolls to unlock the iconic Jack Skellington.

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