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Complete Something Weightless In Bloxburg

Something weightless in Bloxburg is one of the quests in the new Haunted House event.

Furthermore, there are multiple quests that players can complete during the event.

Something weightless is a simple mission in Bloxburg where players must brew a potion using one of the balloons that they can find in the game. The players must brew the potion through a cauldron that they can find behind the house in Bloxburg.

This article discusses the “something weightless” mission and its completion method in Bloxburg.

What Is Something Weightless In Bloxburg? 

Something weightless is a quest that players must complete for the Haunted Mansion in Bloxburg. 

During this quest players must interact with the witch inside the mansion and obtain the quest from her. 

Furthermore, making something weightless can spice up the game a bit for the players. 

Something weightless in the game means that the item does not have any weight similar to other items.

One of the weightless items that players can find plenty of is the “Balloons.”

Thus, players can find similar items that are weightless in the game. However, the best way to make something weightless is to use a potion. 

Players can craft this potion in the game. We will be discussing the method of creating this potion later. 

Moreover, as mentioned before, “Something Weightless” is actually a quest from the witch Sabrina. 

This is the second quest from the witch and requires you to transcribe a book for her which will take a whole day. 

After transcribing the book, you will obtain the “Something Weightless” quest from Sabrina. 

Moreover, to complete the quest you must brew the potion that makes items weightless. 

As mentioned before we will discuss this potion later on. 

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Create Something Weightless Potion In Bloxburg

You can create the weightless potion quite easily in Bloxburg. There are only two major steps that you must follow to create the potion. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating the weightless potion in Bloxburg: 

  1. Head into the Haunted house and interact with Sabrina. 
  2. She will give you the quest of “Something Weightless.” 
something weightless quest from sabrina
Sabrina will give you the something weightless quest.
  1. Head out to the front of the plenty-o-pumpkins patch. 
  2. You will find balloons. 
take balloons to cauldron
Take the balloons to the cauldron.
  1. Take the balloon and head behind the house to interact with the cauldron. 
  2. Put the balloon inside the cauldron and brew the “Weightless Potion.” 
brew something weight potion from cauldron
Brew the something weightless potion from the cauldron.
  1. Head back to Sabrina and deliver the potion to complete the quest. 
complete quest from sabrina bloxburg
Give Sabrina the potion to complete the quest.

After completing the quest, you will get another quest asking you about “Something Loud.”

To complete the quest, you can simply find a guitar and make a potion using the guitar through the cauldron. 

The Bottom Line

Bloxburg has many quests that players can complete to get rewards. 

Furthermore, each quest connects itself to Sabrina the witch.

Sabrina will typically explain the quest briefly, and you must complete it through her information. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the “Something Weightless” quest in Bloxburg.

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