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How To Navigate Rend Fire Exit In Lethal Company?

Many players are searching for an easier guide to find the Rend fire exit in Lethal Company.

Rend is a moon with hard level difficulty but a higher number of rewards.

You can access the Rend fire exit in Lethal Company by following light paths, looking for lamps or landmarks, and carefully looking at the gaps between snowy cliffs.

In this article, we will discuss the Rend fire exit in Lethal Company and ways to reach there.

What Is Rend In Lethal Company?

Rend in Lethal Company is a challenging moon costing 550 credits.

It’s characterized by inhospitable, cold conditions and constant blizzards, making visibility low.

The moon has two entrances: the main entrance and a hard-to-spot fire exit.

However, the path from the ship to the main entrance is shorter than some other moons, but the windy weather poses challenges.

This makes detecting dangerous creatures like Eyeless Dogs and Forest Keepers harder.

Rend may feature a mansion interior, and there’s a chance of encountering a little red girl.

Moreover, creature spawns include powerful entities like Earth Leviathan and indoor creatures like Snare Flea and Bunker Spider.

However, Rend is less expensive than some Tier 3 Moons.

Contrarily, its hazardous conditions and creatures make it a demanding and risky destination for players seeking valuable loot.

rend lethal company
Rend is a risky destination in Lethal Company.
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Reach Rend Fire Exit In Lethal Company

Follow the given procedure to reach the Fire Exit in Lethal Company Rend:

1. Prepare The Equipment

Ensure you have the necessary equipment for the hazardous conditions.

This equipment includes warm clothing or any gear that enhances visibility.

rend equipment lethal
You will need equipment like a flashlight.

2. Navigate The Light Paths

Follow the light paths from the ship toward the main entrance.

Moreover, these paths are crucial for maintaining visibility during blizzards.

3. Watch For Clues

Keep an eye out for clues along the way, such as lamps or distinct landmarks.

These will guide you through the snowy environment.

4. Identify The Fire Exit Location

The fire exit is hard to spot, requiring you to divert off the main path.

Likewise, look for a small gap between two cliffs covered in snow.

5. Traverse The Passageway

Once you’ve found the gap, carefully navigate the passageway.

Pay attention to the terrain and look for any environmental changes.

6. Locate The Hidden Fire Exit

The fire exit will be hidden on your left as you move through the passageway.

It might be partially covered in snow, so thoroughly search.

rend fire exit
The fire exit is partially covered in snow and hard to find.

7. Use The Fire Exit

Once you’ve located the fire exit, proceed to use it.

Therefore, ensure you’re prepared for any additional challenges as you exit.

The Bottom Line

Rend in Lethal Company offers both challenges and rewards.

However, finding the Rend fire exit is very hard because it is in a complicated and widespread place.

Hopefully, with this article’s help, you can easily locate the Rend fire exit.

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