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Special Lightings And Stars Of Tomorrow Quest In Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, players will come across a point where they have the opportunity to become stars of tomorrow using Special Lightings.

Genshin Impact introduces a mesmerizing journey for the players that is full of adventure and exciting events.

Special Lightings and Stars of Tomorrow is a special event quest in Genshin Impact that offers players a chance to become stars of tomorrow by being actors in the experimental film.

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Special Lighting And The Stars of Tomorrow In Genshin Impact

During your adventure in Genshin Impact, you will run into an event quest called Special Lightning and the Stars of Tomorrow.

Furthermore, your adventure during this quest is going to be filled with special lightning, which can make you stars of tomorrow.

Moreover, you can uncover mysteries and obtain exciting rewards after you complete this exciting world quest in Genshin Impact.

1. Roses And Muskets Event

Special Lighting and the Stars of Tomorrow is a world quest that belongs to the Roses and Muskets event.

The Roses and Muskets event is divided into four themes in Genshin Impact.

In the first theme, players must complete a shooting challenge by using a musket to defeat enemies.

roses and muskets
Special Lighting and Stars of Tomorrow is an event quest in roses and muskets event in Genshin impact.

Furthermore, players must finish the filming in style by using the special lighting effects of the studio to defeat enemies in the second theme.

In the third theme, players must race to win the chance to have control over platforms.

In addition, you must complete a film by taking film clips from different angles and editing them in the fourth theme.

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2. Rewards For Completing The Quest

The rewards for Special Lighting and the Stars of Tomorrow quest are Blossom of Wealth Revitalization Reward and Adventurer’s Experience.

The Adventurer’s experience is a character EXP Material which gives 5000 exp that will be beneficial for the journey.

Moreover, you will also receive Primogems, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, etc.

You can also obtain other valuable items like Anemoculi and chests as you explore the landscapes of Teyvat.

How To Begin Special Lighting And The Stars of Tomorrow?

The Special Lighting and the Stars of Tomorrow quest begins with an invitation from an experimental film director.

Furthermore, you can find the film director at the Fontinalia Film Festival in Genshin Impact.

The name of the director is Melies and you will find him dressed in a flexing manner.

When you talk to him he will give you a sincere invitation which begins your quest to uncover the hidden secrets in the world of Teyvat.

1. The Invitation From Melies 

In the invitation, Melies wants to make you and Paimon superstars in his experimental film.

Furthermore, he also promises both you and Paimon fame, money, and even a special red carpet for being actors in his film.

Melies is looking for actors who are real adventures of Genshin Impact so that they can both fight and act.

So, he wants you and Paimon to be the face of his film as the film will turn out more authentic with real adventurers.

2. Using Special Lightings To Make The Movie

Melies plans to use some movie tricks, like special lighting and makeup, to make you and Paimon look like action heroes.

Even though Paimon has some doubts, Melies is confident that no one will be able to tell the difference.

To make the deal even sweeter, Melies offers you and Paimon money and fame.

When you step into Melie’s studio, you can figure out four fighting scenes waiting to be filmed.

You and Paimon can be the action heroes in Melie’s Film and become stars of tomorrow in Tavyat.

Additionally, Melies will explain the concept of Special Lighting, which will make the action scenes more exciting.

It’s an adventure in moviemaking so you and Paimon must be ready to become the stars of tomorrow in Teyvat.

Hence, the special lighting will do all its magic and make you and Paimon stars of tomorrow in Genshin Impact.

The Bottom Line

Prepare yourself to become one of the action heroes in the Melies’s film and become stars of tomorrow in Tevyat.

Hence, this will be an unforgettable experience in the Genshin impact so make sure you embrace the adventure.

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