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Unwrapping The Ban Wave In Escape From Tarkov

Many Escape from Tarkov players alongside popular streamers got caught in the ban wave after the New Year’s update.

The aftereffects have confused many players, preventing them from logging into the game at all.

Escape from Tarkov developers BSG, sneakily released the ban wave patch in their latest update to silently weed out most of the cheaters in the game. Regarding this incident, BSG has refused to provide any comments officially. 

Continue reading this article to learn about the recent ban wave in Escape from Tarkov.

Ban Wave In Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a FPS game that is one of the most popular games right now on Twitch.

Hence, many popular streamers and pros have picked up this game to join in on the hype.

Ban Wave in Tarkov
The Ban Wave update in Escape from Tarkov.

Because of its popularity, the skill gap of this game became very high in a short amount of time.

Therefore, average players started using third-party cheat applications to keep up with the rest of the players.

This news quickly circulated to the developers, making this issue one of the top priorities of the game.

Thus, the developers launched a surprise anti-cheat patch in the New Year update to keep the game fair.

After this update, Tarkov’s official anti-cheat software Battle Eye reports any suspicious activity to the BSG.

This reveals the cheater’s in-game stats and information to the devs, helping to ban them from the game.

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Did Every Cheater Got Caught In The Tarkov Ban Wave?

No, every cheater of Escape from Tarkov was not banned as some of them even used paid Software.

But the game servers have expelled casual cheater players who use free cheating software.

This issue became so huge that users opened a community discussion thread to discuss this situation.

The ban wave discussion on reddit
Players discussing the Ban Wave event in a Reddit discussion thread.

Players have also reached out to Social media platforms like X to reveal their cheating in-game friends.

Therefore, the banned players have no option but to create another account to play the game.

Nevertheless, some cheat software like DMA is already circulating on the internet that can bypass the anti-cheat.

Moreover, if players are suspicious enemy or party member is cheating they can report it as the anti-cheat has massively improved.

How To Know If Players Are Banned From Tarkov?

Many non-cheater players are confused as they automatically get logged out from the game.

The game usually logs out users after every new update, but this doesn’t mean they ban them.

Banned players message
Banned players cannot log in to Escape from Tarkov.

However, the banned users cannot log in to the game after the latest Tarkov update.

The banned players who try to log in will encounter an authorization error message on the login page.

Also, Tarkov has started to take strict actions against reported players during or after the game.

Hence, the game will automatically kick suggesting the player’s suspicious behavior.

The Bottom Line

The recent Ban Wave update in Tarkov has pleased players by creating a fair gameplay environment.

On the other hand, the game caused significant stress for cheaters as it bans every cheater at the highest rank.

Hence, players should cease using cheat software as the anti-cheat system will constantly evolve.

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