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Discover Spell Research Quest In WoW Season Of Discovery

WoW, Season of Discovery has introduced many navigation quests, including the Spell Research quest.

However, players are having difficulty locating the secret whereabouts of the Spell Research quest.

In WoW, Season of Discovery, players must find the stolen spell notes inside the Burning Blade Coven during the Spell research quest. However, the chest is submerged inside one of the underwater caves. Hence, players must maintain their breathing bar to retrieve the spell notes.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Spell Research quest in WoW Season of Discovery.

Introduction To Spell Research Quest In WoW Season Of Discovery

The Spell Research Quest is one of the many new quests in WoW during the Season of Discovery.

Players can begin this quest after heading to the Valley of Trials‘s main area.

Additionally, this quest only unlocks after players talk with an NPC named Mal’ah, the Mage Trainer.

According to the quest description, players must find the hidden spell notes that can teach them a spell.

Introduction to the Spell research quest
The image describes the Spell Research quest in WoW Season of Discovery.

Therefore, the journey begins when players visit the Burning Blage Coven to retrieve the spell notes.

However, players must return to the Valley of Trials and speak to Mal’ah again to learn the spell.

Also, this quest is the best way for players to learn a new spell in the game.

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How To Complete The Spell Research Quest In WoW?

Firstly, players must speak to Mal’ah in the Valley of Trials and pick the Spell research option.

Then, the game will provide the quest details for the players to embark on this spell journey.

However, the only hint for players in the description is that the notes are in the Burning Blade Coven.

Therefore, essential steps like navigation and discovery of the notes are solely a player’s job.

The Burning Blade Coven is a rocky cave east of the quest area.

Players can also follow other players near them to pinpoint the cave’s location.

Once inside the cave, players must navigate the area until they find a small stream of water.

Underwater Chest WOW
The location of spell notes for the Spell Research Quest.

Then, they must follow the stream until they reach a lakelike area and dive into it.

Consecutively, an underwater cave chest must be opened to get the spell notes.

Finally, the quest is marked completed after players translate the note and talk to Mal’ah again.

Rewards For Completing The Spell Research Quest

Players can receive many rewards after completing the Spell Research quest.

Firstly, the main reward for players is the Ice Lance Spell, which can deal with 8-9 frost damage.

In fact, the spell deals triple damage to frozen enemies, providing more options during battle. 

Secondly, players will instantly receive massive Exp points after the quest completion.

Spell Discovery quest rewards
The image shows additional rewards for completing the Spell Discovery Quest in WoW.

Finally, players will get two additional quest rewards: Three Comprehension Charms and Tattered Cloth Gloves.

  • Comprehension Charms are items that aid in translations of scrolls and spell notes.
  • Tattered Cloth Gloves is a wearable item that adds +6 durability to the user.

The Bottom Line

The Spell Research quest is important in WoW as players can attain an offensive spell, granting them a competitive advantage against monsters.

However, players must learn about this quest’s nature to pinpoint the location of the spell notes; hence, online guidance on the topic is recommended.

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