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Explore Shipment Of Goods In WoW

Shipment of Goods is a newly introduced system in the new patch of World Of Warcraft (WoW).

One of the NPCs on Emerald Dream creates the Shipment of Goods.

Shipment of Goods in WoW is a box filled with valuable goods, and it is made for Dream Warden with the help of Vashonir. Furthermore, the maximum limit of shipments you can create is capped at 1000.

In this article, we will learn about the Shipment of goods and its usage.

What Is Shipment Of Goods In WoW?

Shipment of Goods is a newly introduced craftable item in the WoW.

In Emerald Dream, You will receive the challenge of crafting 5 Shipments of Goods after talking to Eran’nda.

Shipment of Goods Wow
The weekly quest where players need to craft 5 Shipments in WoW.

Then, players must talk to Vashonir, located beside them, Eran’nda, to craft the Shipment of Goods.

However, to craft, you require a handful of trade-suitable materials.

Furthermore, the professions played a vital role, as you can craft Shipments according to them.

Nevertheless, if you have material to craft, it will not matter which Shipment you choose.

Once you craft the Shipment of Goods, give it to Eran’nda and claim the reward.

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Types Of Shipment Of Goods In WoW

Different materials are required to craft each Shipment; several shipments exist in WoW.

Each of the shipments corresponds to a different profession.

These few goods option players get randomly in a week and change another week.

Therefore, the player will see numerous other shipment types too.

Here are a few Shipment Of Goods and their materials players can craft in WoW;

1. Cloth Shipment

To craft this Shipment, you must have a handful of Wildercloth, Dust and Shard.

Here is the exact number to Craft this Shipment of Goods;

  • 25 Wildercloth
  • 15 Dust 
  • 3 Vibrant Shard

2. Food Shipment

To Craft Food shipment, you need different kinds of meats such as Ribbed Mollusk Meat Bailisk and Mighty Mammoth Ribs.

Here is the exact number of materials to Craft this Shipment ;

  • 15 Ribbed Mollusk Meat
  • 15 Burly bear hach
  • 15 Basilisk
  • 15 Bruffalon
  • 15 Mighty Mammoth Ribs

Furthermore, you can also have the fish in the salvage slot.

3. Diamond Shipment

The diamond shipment lies in the gem Shipment category that requires some diamonds to craft.

Moreover, players only need one diamond to craft this Shipment.

4. Draconium Shipment

This Deconium Shipment lies in the Ore Shipment category.

Players need tons of Draconium Ores, Awakened Earth and Fire to craft this Shipment.

Here is the exact number of materials to craft this Shipment ;

  • 25 Draconium Ores
  • 1 Awakened Earth
  • 1 Awakened Fire
Shipment Types in Wow
Players can craft different types of Shipments with different materials.

5. Khaz’gorite Shipment

The materials are pretty similar to Draconium.

However, it requires Khaz’gorite Ore instead of Draconium Ores.

The exact number of materials to craft this Shipment is 1 Khaz’gorite Ore, 1 Awakened Earth, and 1 Awakened Fire.

6. Skin Shipment

This Shipment has been placed inside the Skining shipment.

Furthermore, it would be best to have either Resilient Leather or an adamant Scale to craft this Shipment.

Moreover, the other materials required are 15 Flawless Proto Dragon scale and Crystalspin.

Additionally, players get three rewards upon providing the Shipment of Goods to Eran’nda.

Reward of shipment
Players will get these rewards upon completing the challenge.

The Bottom Line

Shipment of Goods is a new system in a new patch of World of Warcraft.

However, it requires tons of Materials, and each Shipment type has a specific material requirement.

You will get the exciting reward once you give the Shipment to Eran’nda

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