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Spirits Of The Lost Grove Bugged: Possible Fixes

Diablo 4 features many quests that players can complete throughout the campaign.

However, many players have encountered the bug in a quest called Spirits of the Lost Grove.

The quest “Spirits of the Lost Grove” is bugged and gets stuck in an infinite loop. However, you can turn off the crossplay or try to switch from World Tier 1 to World Tier 2.
This article will explain Spirits of the Lost Grovel, fix its bug and how to complete it and 

Spirits Of The Lost Grove Quest

The Spirits of the Lost Grove is a level 15 story quest in Diablo 4.

 In this quest, players need to help the  Druid Ardreth, and he will ask you to find the shrine of Gathlen.

Furthermore, to place the skull of the Stage Lord on the altar behind the Druid Ardreth.

Here is how you can complete the Spirits of the Lost Grove quest:

  1. Talk to Druid Ardreth after you reclaim the Stronghold.
  2. Then, you will be asked to find the shrine to Gathlen, located southwest of the Firebreak Manor Waypoint.
  3. After that, interact with the Druid Stones and talk to the Tormented Spirit Lord.
  4. Next, go north from the shrine to Abandon Grove.
  5. After reaching there, slay spawned Goatmen and interacted with the Flesh-Imprisoned Spirit Lord.
Spirits Of The Lost Grove Bugged
Players encounter the bug at this part of the quest.
  1. Now ease the pain of Spirit Lord and pick up the spawned skull.
  2. Finally, Head back to Tur Dulra and place the Skull of the Stag Lord on the altar behind the Druid Ardreth.

Although the quest is straightforward, it is known to be bugged.

Many players report experiencing an infinite loop with the option to visit a shrine and eliminate the goat men.

Additionally, nothing happens even if the players slayed all the Goatmen spawned.

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How To Fix Spirits Of The Lost Grove Bugged Quest?

Observe the player’s frustration regarding the spirits of the Lost Grove bug.

Here are some possible solutions to address this bug and ensure that your character can proceed without any hassle;

1. Disable Crossplay

The one solution players can try is to turn off crossplay.

Generally, it is good while playing with friends on different platforms.

It can usually create new problems.

To know if the crossplay causes the bug, turn it off and check if it is fixed.

Here is the step to turn off the crossplay in Diablo 4:

  • First, navigate to the settings of the game or option menu.
  • Then, search for the option menu.
  • Once you find it, disable it on the character select screen and swap it to the veteran.
  • Then, do the quest again.
disable crossplay
Open settings and navigate to the social menu to disable the crossplay.

2. Switch From World Tier 1 To World Tier 2 Difficulty

If the earlier solution does not work, you can try to switch from World Tier 1 to Word Tier 2.

Some players also have claimed that changing the difficulty has fixed the bug they were having.

This change in the setting might rest specific attributes in the game, allowing you to progress the quest without encountering the bug.

Here are the steps to change the difficulty in Diablo 4:

  • There are two ways to change the difficult. First, navigate to the main menu.
  • Then, just select the Change World Tier button.
  • You will find the button on the right side of the screen.
  • For the other one, there is a system that works better in the game world.
  • You will find a state of Inarius on every stronghold known as the World Tier Statue.
  • You just have to interact with the statue and select the difficulty.
Spirits Of The Lost Grove Bugged
Players can change the tiers upto four levels.

These are the two possible methods you can try to fix the bug.

However, if these solutions do not resolve the bug, we recommend you contact Diablo 4 Customer Service for assistance.

The Bottom Line

The Spirits Of The Lost Grove is the quest in the deep, mysterious woods of Sanctuary of Diablo 4.

Nevertheless, players are frustrated by the bugs they have encountered during the quest.

However, players can try possible fixes, such as turning off the crossplay or changing the world tier from 1 to 2.

Furthermore, they can reach the Diablo 4 customer service and report about this bug.

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