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A Witness In The Dust In Diablo 4: Mission Guide

A Witness In The Dust is one of the initial missions of the Diablo 4 Season 2.

Season 2 came into action a bit late after the technical issue.

A Witness In The Dust is a new Season Of Blood In the Diablo 4 mission. To complete the quest players must approach Erys, complete Chapter 2 season chapter objectives, pass through Blood Portal and defeat the Vampire.

Continue reading to learn about Witness In The Dust and the process of completing the mission in Density 2.

A Witness In The Dust Diablo 4: Overview

Diablo4’s new season, Season Of Blood, has created exciting features and gameplay to enhance the user experience.

Season 2 offers seasonal world events, new customizable gears and skills and unique questlines.

The questlines include Blood Money, The Huntyer’s Chase and  A Witness in The Dust.

Players must complete the first few missions to get A Witness In The Dust mission.

There are multiple characters involved in this quest including Vampires and Erys.

 Before starting the season, players should thoroughly check the perks and traits of their chosen classes.

Rogue class diablo 4
Select the Rogue class in the new season.

Players should go for the Rogue class to have significant damage over enemies, as it has not got a Nerf in season 2.

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Competing A Witness In the Dust in Diablo 4

To finish A Witness In The Dust questline of the Season Of Blood, follow the given procedures,

1. Approach with Erys

Players will get to interact with Hunter Erys after the completion of season objectives in Chapter 1.

Erys will be seen in Ked Barnu, who will be helpful while progressing through the A Witness In The Dust mission.

Players need to join Erys, head to the Fetid Mausoleum, and explore the location to get the Vampire Skull.

2. Complete Chapter 2

After getting the Profane Skull, players should focus on completing the Chapter 2 season objectives.

Otherwise, the questline will not progress, and any prompt won’t occur after clicking the items in the mission.

Many players complain about the A Witness In The Dust bug; infant the quest is not bugged; players must complete the objectives first.

Upon completing objectives, players must find Erys again in the Ked Barnu.

Then, players must choose the Profane Skull and put it on the Basin.

3. Reach Blood Portal 

Before heading out to the Portal, players must release the Valve of the Blood Valve.

Further, players must approach Erys and head towards the Blood Portal.

Players will reach the Veiled Gate, so their next objective is to explore the location.

4. Defeat Vampires

While extracting the Veiled Gate, players will come across Vampire.

Players should defeat the Vampires using their skills and spells by watching their movements and playing passively.

Then players should approach Erys and begin their journey to Ery’s Tome.

The Bottom Line

A Witness In The Dust is an exciting mission involving the Hunter Erys and Vampire.

After completing the mission, players can also investigate the Vampire skull and get information about the City of Ancients.

After completing the quest players can grab the rewards and unlock a new quest.

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