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Know Everything About The Emote Button In Darktide

Darktide is a first-person action game with new features, like emotes and hotkeys which enhance the gaming experience.

The fanbase of this game is especially pleased with the addition of the emotes feature.

To perform an emote in Darktide, simply press and hold the Space/Jump button to bring up the emote wheel. Then, pick whatever emote that you like to do.

Continue reading this article to learn everything about the Emote feature in Darktide.

Mixed Emotions About Emote Button Feature

Since Darktide is an action game, all of the characters are very tough-looking.

It meant that bringing the emote feature into the game would make those characters perform some silly moves.

Furthermore, it would bring an extra element of fun to the game.

And the devs did exactly that by introducing tons of emotes in the game.

Players were very excited to check out all the unique emotes as soon as they were released.

However, they were disappointed as emotes could only be performed at the Mourningstar.

Mourningstar In Darktide
Mourningstar in the Darktide.

In Darktide, Mourningstar is a hub where players can socialize before the mission.

This would make the emote feature only exclusive to the hub and not during the actual gameplay.

Players were very displeased with this decision from the devs because there was a lot of expectation for the emote feature.

However, emotes could be used during long elevator rides or when someone’s game crashed.

Anyways, players felt like it was a massive letdown because it brought nothing to the actual game environment.

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How To Equip Emotes In Darktide?

Equipping Emote is a fairly easy task in Darktide. Players need to follow a series of steps to access it successfully.

Firstly, press the Esc key on the keyboard to open up the game menu.

In the game menu, click on the Operative which is the top option in the menu.

Then, when on the Operative window, click Cosmetics from the menu’s Top-mid section.

Performing Emote In Darktide
Performing Emote in Darktide.

This will open up a new customization menu where players can customize their characters.

The emote section can be found on the far right section of the screen.

There are a total of five emote slots that can be assigned for different emotes.

To assign an emote to a slot, click on any emote slot that you want to equip with an emote.

This will open a new window displaying all the available emotes on the left side of the screen.

Then, click on the emote you want to equip for that slot. After assigning the emotes, head back to the game to test this feature.

Press and hold the Space or Jump button to display the emote wheel.

Then hover your mouse in the direction of the emote that you want to perform.

Finally, your in-game character will perform an action according to the emote’s animation.

How To Unquip And Reassign The Emotes?

The steps for unequipping the emotes are fairly similar to equipping them.

As mentioned, click on menu > Operative> Cosmetics to go to the emotes section.

Emote Option Menu In Darktide
Emote Option Menu in Darktide.

Click on the emote slot that has been pre-assigned to remove them from that slot.

Then, click on that slot again to replace it with a new one of your choice.

The Bottom Line

The Emote feature brings an element of fun to any type of game be it of action or platformer genre.

It can be used to interact with your teammates and even pass the time in the game.

However, in Darktide, players can only perform these emotes in the spaceship which has been a letdown.

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