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Is Adin Ross Leaving SSB?

The future of SSB becomes uncertain if Adin Ross leaves the group due to the ongoing conflicts in their business.

The controversy of Adin Ross separating from the group and working independently is sad news to many fans.

The video about Adin Ross and SSB going to therapy is going viral where Adin Ross talks about the conflict.

Continue reading to find out more about whether Adin Ross is leaving SSB or not.

The Controversy Of SSB And Adin Ross

SSB is a popular group of online streamers that stands for Sponsored Streamer Business.

In this generation of content creation and online communities, SSB was able to gain rapid popularity with its fun content.

The Sponsored Streamer Business is led by a popular content creator named Adin Ross.

Adin Ross leaving SSB
Adin Ross tells his fans that he tried everything in his power to make the group work out.

Furthermore, the SSB has famous streamers like Zane, Fattyhose, Stuffem and Prime who stream on behalf of the group.

Adin Ross along with other SSB members started from the 2K community but lately are streaming mainly GTA RP.

Is Adin Ross Leaving SSB?

SSB’s goal is to bring like-minded individuals to create entertaining and engaging content to entertain their fans.

But now, the news of Adin Ross leaving the SSB is circulating all over the internet which is making a lot of fans sad.

It seems like things might be changing for SSB as Adin Ross said he’s leaving the group to focus on pursuing his brand independently.

The SSB may be facing an uncertain future with Adin Ross announcing his departure through a video on his YouTube channel.

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Why Did Adin Ross Announce The End Of SSB?

There are so many contexts and dynamics linked to why Adin Ross announced his departure from the group.

The SSB was not just about a group of people making videos together and creating content on the internet.

The SSB were more than just a group of creators and were like a close group of friends with common goals.

Adin Ross talks about leaving SSB
Adin Ross posted about the ongoing problems with Sponsored Streamer Business on April 14 2023.

Adin Ross was a big part of making SSB and he played a central role in shaping the group’s identity and direction.

Additionally, Adin Ross used his popularity and platform to foster collaboration and growth among its members.

1. Adin Ross Announces End Of SSB Via Youtube

Adin Ross talking openly about why he’s leaving shows the underlying issues of his decision to leave the group.

He seems fed up with how things are going in the group and wants to do his brand independently.

This big move is a major change for both Adin Ross and the group which makes fans wonder about the SSB’s future.

Adin Ross announced the end of Sponsored Streamer Business through a video on his YouTube channel on April 14, 2023.

In this video, Adin Ross clearly says how he is offended and does not want to put a label on the friend group anymore.

2. SSB Mindset Not Aligning With Adin Ross

Adin Ross clearly says that Sponsored Streamer Business was over way earlier ever since Zayn and Royce left the group.

Furthermore, he says that he tried his best to keep everyone together and make the SSB go bigger but things did not work out.

He is so tired of making things better for SSB feeling like trying to swim to the shore but with heavy weights on his ankles.

Thus, he wants to quit the SSB as his mindset and the group’s mindset are not coming to the same page despite his efforts.

3. Clix Calls Out SSB For Being Lazy

Adin Ross says he is completely done with the group and wants them out of his warehouse.

He is tired of sticking his head out for the group and the SSB members are not even streaming 100 hours in a month.

Clix from The Influencer Vault also calls out the SSB for being lazy in one of his YouTube videos.

The members of SSB get $2000 per hour to stream but they are not even streaming bare minimum hours.

Adin Ross and SSB goes to Therapy
Adin Ross and the group go to Therapy to discuss the ongoing conflicts about the business.

The SSB should be streaming for at least 200 hours a month by streaming 6 hours a day.

Adin Ross also spent over 4 million dollars trying to put them on stream and make things better.

However, the members of SSB do not respect their work flow which is why Adin Ross is quiting SSB.

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