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Old Navy Website Not Working On iPhone: Possible Fixes

The website of Old Navy, one of the most famous clothing brands, is currently not working on iPhone.

The website crash came after the announcement of the Spring Break Sale of Old Navy.

Moreover, from login to not being able to checkout, people have been facing different kinds of issues.

Read more to understand Why the Old Navy Website is not working on iPhones, its causes, and how to fix this issue.

Old Navy Website Not Working On iPhone: What Happened?

The Old Navy Website has currently not been working for a couple of hours now, some suggest it is due to the summer sale.

Despite the constant updating of the clothing brand’s website and app, the issue persists.

old navy website not working on iphone
Frustration among the customers arose after the website crashed with the sale ending.

The summer sale ends today, March 3rd, and there’s been a surge in people trying to get their hands on the discounted clothes.

The brand is also known for cutting down the prices by a large number on Sundays and Mondays, leading to the outage.

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Old Navy Website Not Working On iPhone: Possible Causes and Fixes

The possible causes of Old Navy Website not working on iPhone are:

1. Server Overload

Server overload can occur when the website’s traffic is high (people trying to access the website) and its handling capacity is low.

old navy website not working on iphone
Old Navy website gives back an error message suggesting people to either call or email to seek for help.

Additionally, the spring sale has brought maximum traffic on the website causing the collision of the website.

2. Network Instability

Network Instability is one of the main reasons for the website being down.

It is mostly defective on the server’s side, however, sometimes it can be on the client’s side as well. 

3. Scheduled Maintenance

With such high traffic, the Old Navy, clothing brand could be trying to improve the website’s capacity. 

While such maintenance is ongoing, the website outage is very likely and the website will go back up again after the completion.

The possible fixes for the Old Navy Website not working on iPhone are:

1. Strong Service Connection

Go to the place where you can find a better cellular connection.

Some places generally have bad internet connection, make sure your home router is not closed up.

2. Old Navy App

You can try using the mobile application of Old Navy which is up and running.

Go to your App Store and download the Old Navy application, to buy from the spring sale of Old Navy.

3. Clear Cache

You can clear the cache and cookies of your Safari browser. 

Moreover, this fix has been suggested by the clothing brand themselves.

old navy website not working on iphone
The company stated that they were not aware of the issue and suggested users clear the cache and cookies.

To do this simply follow the steps below:

  • Click on Safari Menu in the top left-hand corner next to Apple Symbol
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Privacy
  • Go to Manage Website Data
  • Click on Remove All to remove all the cache and cookies from your browser
  • Click Remove Now on the pop and wait for the process to be completed

4. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your phone may sound simple yet it is very efficient sometimes.

Moreover, your iPhone will automatically reset the whole phone’s connection and could fix the issue of not loading up the website.

5. Contact Customer Care 

Lastly, you can always ask Old Navy about the issue and the solution about the same.

You can always contact Old Navy Customer Care to ask about the issue more in detail.

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