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Stable Trotters: How To Find Them?

If you are playing Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you may have heard of the Stable Trotters, a musical troupe that travels around Hyrule and plays songs for the Great Fairies.

But how do you find the Stable Trotters and convince them to serenade the Great Fairies?

Stable Trotters are a musical troupe that performs in TotK. You can find them in different locations depending on the progress of the Great Fairy Fountain questline.

This article will show you how to locate and interact with the four Stable Trotters, who they are, and what instruments they play.

What Is A Stable Trotter?

The Stable Trotter is a musical troupe involved in a series of sidequests that lead you to the Great Fairy Fountains.

Stable Trotters has four members: Eustus, Lila, Mira, and Mastro.

They play different musical instruments and belong to different races of Hyrule.

Additionally, they are part of the Potential Princess Sightings side quest, which involves finding and serenading the Great Fairies.

Moreover, they travel around Hyrule and play songs for the Great Fairies.

What Can You Gain From Finding Stable Trotters?

Stable Trotters can help you upgrade your armor.

By playing songs for the Great Fairies, they can persuade them to come out of their flowers and offer services.

The Great Fairies are powerful beings that can upgrade your armor and enhance your abilities in the game.

In addition, you can interact with them and upgrade your armor. But first, you need to reunite them to upgrade it.

Upgrading your armor can improve your defense, resistance, and abilities in the game.

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How To Find The Stable Trotters?

The Stable Trotters can be found near different stables across the map.

Their location depends on which Great Fairy you want to serenade.

Furthermore, they are found near different stables across Hyrule.

Each is associated with one Great Fairy, and you need to find all four to unlock all the armor upgrades.

Then by helping the nomadic music-makers, Stable Trotters, you will draw out the Great Fairies from their hiding place.

Location Of Stable Trotters

The Stable Trotters are located near different stables. They are part of a series of quests to find and serenade the Great Fairies.

Here are the locations and quests for each Stable Trotter.

1. Eustus, The Hornist

He is a hornist trapped in a hole in the Tabantha Frontier near Snowfield Stable and Great Fairy Tera.

Accordingly, you need to rescue him using Ultrahand and some materials.

This is part of the Hornist’s Dramatic Escape quest.

eustus the hornist
Eustus is a hornist in the band.

2. Lila, The Drummer

He is a drummer hiding in a cave near Dueling Peaks Stable and Great Fairy Cotera.

Similarly, you must find and give him some honey to convince him to return to the trope.

This is part of the Drummer’s Hideout quest.

lila the drummer
Lila is a drummer in the band.

3. Mira, The Flutist

He is a flutist staying at Riverside Stable and Great Fairy Kaysa.

Here, you need to talk to her and persuade her to rejoin the troupe.

This is a part of the Flutist’s Dilemma quest.

Mira the flutist
Mira is a flutist in the band.

4. Mastro, The Violinist

He is a leader of the Stable Trotters, a musical troupe that travels to different Great Fairy Fountains to play serenades for them.

You can help him and his troupe by completing their side adventures and unlocking the Great Fairy Fountains.

remy the guitarist
Mastro is a violinist, the lead of the band.

The Bottom Line

You need to talk to each Stable Trotter and convince them to join you in playing a song for the Great Fairy.

On the contrary, some may require you to do a favor or complete a challenge before they agree.

Once you have all four Stable Trotters, you can upgrade your armor at any Great Fairy Fountain.

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