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How To Obtain Heat Resistant Armor In Totk?

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a Roleplaying Game with various different areas for the players to explore.

However, these areas also pose various dangers for the players. 

Players going through desert areas notice sweating profusely and losing hearts. However, players can mitigate it with Heat-Resistant Armor. But, to obtain the Heat-Resistant Armor, they must travel through the Gerudo Desert. 

Please continue reading to learn what is Heat-Resistant Armor and how to obtain it.

What Is Heat Resistant Armor In TotK? 

Heat-Resistance is a form of resistance that allows the players to traverse through desert areas.

Additionally, the resistance allows the players to travel through areas that can cause the players to sweat profusely and lose hearts. 

Heat-Resistant Armor is a set piece of gear that provides players with the Heat-Resistance Buff.

However, the game has only one Heat-Resistant Armor in-game, The Desert Voe Armor Set.”

Desert Voe Armor Set
Desert Voe Armor Set is Heat-Resistant Armor.

However, players can obtain this Armor set much faster than other Armor sets in-game. 

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How To Obtain Heat-Resistant Armor In TotK? 

The players can purchase the “Desert Voe Armor Set” in Gerudo Town; however, they must go across the Gerudo Desert to get to the town. 

But, while traveling the Gerudo Desert, the players can get heatstroke and lose their hearts until they die.

Moreover, if the players can find a sapphire while mining, they can fuse it to a stick or a sword and equip or simply have it on their back. 

If the player places the sapphire fused equipment on their back, the weapon will cool them because fusing it with sapphire turns it into an Ice Weapon. 

However, the Ice Weapon can limit your combat abilities. The Ice Weapon will keep you cool throughout the journey to Gerudo Town. 

Steps To Obtain Heat-Resistant Armor (Desert Voe Armor Set)

  1. First, head towards Kara Kara Bazaar. To find the Bazaar follow the road that leads to Gerudo town and turn left.
  2. Then, go to Saula’s Stall; here, you can purchase the Desert Voe Headband.” The Headband will cost the player 450 Rupees.
Purchasing Desert Voe Headband From Sala
Purchasing Desert Voe Headband From Saula
  1. After you obtain the Headband, Saula will tell you that the rest of the Armor is purchasable from a secret store in Gerudo Town.

Steps To Find The Secret Store In Gerudo Town

  1. When you get to Gerudo Town, you will find the town deserted. However, when you reach the main gate, drop down in the well on your left.
Well Location In Gerudo Town
Well Location in Gerudo Town
  1. Once inside the well, wall through the corridor and turn on your first left, then continue forward.
  2. Then, as you continue forward, turn left again.
  3. Once you turn left, walk further; here, you will see some ruins, look up and use Ascend.
Ruins Location To Ascend Through To Secret Shop
Ruins Location to Ascend Through to Secret Shop
  1. After you use Ascend, you can enter the secret shop.
Secret Shop To Purchase Heat Resistant Armor Pieces
Secret Shop to Purchase Heat-Resistant Armor Pieces
  1. Once you enter the secret shop, you can buy the remaining pieces of Heat-Resistant Armor.
Heat-resistant Armor pieces
You can obtain Heat Resistant Armor pieces

The next two pieces of Heat-Resistant Armor will cost as follows; 

  1. Desert Voe Spaulder: 1300 Rupees.
  2. Desert Voe Trousers: 650 Rupees. 
Note: You do not need the entire Desert Voe Armor Set to travel through the desert. You can travel through the desert with the Desert Voe Headbands only. 

Fire-Resistance Vs. Heat-Resistance In Totk

Heat-Resistance prevents the players from sweating profusely while traveling through high-temperature zones.

On the other hand, Fire-Resistance prevents players from burning in volcanic areas or fighting with opponents using Fire-based attacks. 

Furthermore, Fire-Resistance is a must when you are trying to get dragon parts from Dinraal the Fire Dragon. Additionally, Dinraal throws fireballs toward the players as they approach the dragon. 

Moreover, the main difference between Heat-Resistance and Fire-Resistance is that Players do not require the full Armor set to get Heat-Resistance.

But, Players require the full Armor set to get a massive boost of Fire-Resistance. 

The Bottom Line

The Zelda franchise throws various environments at the players to test their resilience. However, players can obtain Armor to negate these environments.

One of them is the Desert Voe Armor Set, which allows the players to negate the Heat debuff of the environment. 

Furthermore, obtaining the Armor Set is much easier than other Armor sets within the game. 

Hopefully, this article can give you enough information to obtain Heat-Resistant Armor and continue adventuring through Hyrule. 

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