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Why Can’t You Dock In Starfield? Easy Fixes

Players can’t dock in Starfield because of either a bug or a misunderstanding of the docking mechanic.

However, these issues are plaguing new players; thus finding a solution for them is necessary.

Starfield allows players to dock on various spaceships and stations. However, various players claim they cannot do so in Starfield, mainly due to a bug or potentially not properly understanding the mechanics of docking in Starfield.

Continue reading to discover why you can’t dock in Starfield and find its easy solutions.

How To Dock In Starfield?

Docking in Starfield allows players to explore the space stations and various planets.

Furthermore, it also allows players to rest in between traversing between planets.

Players must first get to either a planet or a space station. When they get near the space station, they must first face toward the dock area.

Then, use your scan button to position yourself properly, and then you will see the dock option for the spaceship.

Furthermore, using the dock option will dock itself in the space station.

After you dock your spaceship, you can explore the planet or the space station you have decided to dock your ship in.

Furthermore, players can also dock onto friendly ships or space stations cruising around.

Thus, docking allows players to explore all the areas within the world of Starfield.

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Why Can’t You Dock In Starfield?

There are a few reasons for players being unable to dock in Starfield. We will discuss a few core ones.

1. Misunderstanding Of The Mechanics

The main reason players cannot dock in Starfield is that they do not know the mechanics properly.

Furthermore, the mechanics differ from PC to Console.

Thus, if you are playing on a PC and then shift to a console, both machines will have a different way to dock.

2. Potential Bug

The inability to dock can be a bug, and players have posted their issues in various forums.

Furthermore, even if they tried to implement the mechanics properly, the ship does not dock for some reason.

Thus, players are considering it a potential bug.

These two are the main reasons why you can’t dock in Starfield. However, players may come across other reasons that we may not have come across.

If you encounter this issue, post it in the forums for other players to know.

cant dock because of mechanics and bug starfield
Players cannot dock in Starfield because of a bug or mechanics

How To Fix Can’t Dock Problem In Starfield?

Players can fix the can’t dock issue in Starfield. Here we will discuss the solution to the aforementioned issues.

1. Learn The Mechanics

Players must learn the mechanics of how to dock in Starfield. To dock in the PC, you must first find a space station or a ship.

Then, press “E” on your keyboard, and it will lock you on the space station or the ship.

Then, keep moving toward the space station or ship, and after you get within 500 meters of the target, you can dock it.

Once you are near the ship, a pop-up will appear. There you will see the “Dock” option, you must hold R to dock onto the ship or space station.

For console players, the steps are the same.

However, instead of pressing “E,” they must press “A” on the controller, and instead of holding “R,” they must hold “X“.

2. Check Integrity Of Files

Sometimes you will come across a bug, unfortunately, however, if you encounter a bug related to the docking in Starfield.

You can first restart the game and see if the issue still persists.

If it persists, check the file integrity of the game if the issue is not resolved after checking the file integrity.

Then, report the bug to the developers of the game, Bethesda.

There may be some issues and fixes that we may have missed. However, the aforementioned issues and fixes should get you up and running in the game.

Furthermore, if you encounter issues and fixes that the players do not know, share them.

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The Bottom Line

The docking issue is relatively new to players since many do not see it if they follow the mechanics properly.

However, players may encounter it in certain cases even after following the steps properly.

Furthermore, chances are we also do not know all the issues related to docking in Starfield.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in fixing the can’t dock issue in Starfield.

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