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Starfield Suit Protection Depleted: Reasons And Solution

Many players are concerned that the Starfield suit protection will be depleted in some conditions.

The working mechanics of suits vary from various locations, which causes damage and inability.

The suit protection can be depleted if players enter the locations, including cold areas that cause frostbite and burns. To avoid this, players must obtain a better suit that provides both environmental and damage resistance while exploring the areas. 

Continue reading to discover the suit protection depletion cause and the process to overcome it in Starfield. 

What Is Suit Protection?

The suit, or spacesuit, is the primary armor set of the character.

Starfield is a game full of planets and space, so players can equip the suit to traverse through them.

The mass of the suit is automatically added to the player’s mass and has its unique value.

 If players travel to oxygen locations, they will not need Suit protection.

However, players must equip the suit for enhanced protection when exploring a risky area with unsafe air conditions.

Otherwise, it will lead to lower health and damaging effects on the players.

If Players have earned the legendary suits in the game, they can obtain higher protection, enabling higher stats.

Players can obtain the suit while extracting various locations, completing quests and buying from in-game vendors.

Further, players can also get suits from enemies’ loot, which can be crafted to increase overall protection.

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Why Is Suit Protection Depleted?

The suit protection gets depleted due to environmental conditions and lack of safety.

The depletion occurs based on the suit’s building and rarity as well.

Some decrement in spacesuit’s protection occurs in thermal or low temperature.

It will harm the player’s health, resulting in severe burns and even cause hypothermia.

Moreover, if players have the same armor set in the rain on any cold planet, it will cause them frostbite.

Many suits have limitations and weaknesses, except some legendary armors. 

starfield suit protection depleted
Legendary suit: Sentinel’s Mantis spacesuit.

However, a whole range of factors affects the Suit protection in the player, including damage and environmental resistance, including;

1. Damage Resistance

The damage resistance is the first metric to measure the defensive stats.

Three categories of matters fall under Damage Resistance: Phys, Engy and EM.

Phys assists the players to deploy defensive measures when attacked by ballistic weapons.

Moreover, it reduces or resists any sort of extensive harmful damage.

In addition, the Engy factor in Damage resistance will allow players to withstand energy arms. 

The Em endures the harmful damage from any electromagnetic weapons in the game. 

2. Environmental Resistance

Environmental resistance is another factor that impacts a player’s suit protection.

Altogether, categories affect these defensive stats: Thermal, Corrosive, Radiation and Airborne.

The Thermal resistance helps players to stay at higher temperatures for a more extended period without getting damaged. 

Moreover, Corrovie refers to enduring corrosion without taking extra damage.

Jumping to radiation allows players to last longer in radiated locations, including planets and cities.

Lastly, the Airborne metric allows players to resist harmful and hazardous locations.

Avoiding: Starfield Suit Protection Depleted

If players continuously get the protection-depleted message, they should search for the nearest suitable locations.

Further, if they want to explore unfavorable conditions, try searching for exclusive suits by completing missions.

Further, players can also increase stats in the suit, which is another possibility.

Players can see the overall stats before entering any restricted zone for the missions.

Moreover, players can see it in the Spacesuit section of the Inventory.

starfield suit protection depleted
Old Earth spacesuit in the inventory.

However, getting a spacesuit that ticks aspects of damage and environmental protection is challenging.

Hence, players should try analyzing the overall stats while obtaining suit protection.

Players can complete quests, including the Sentinel Manti’s Spacesuit, to earn a legendary quest.

This grants players extra advantages, including higher damage resistance, decreased weight capacity and reduced incoming damage.

The Bottom Line

The Starfield suit protection gets deleted due to unfavorable conditions and location. 

Hence, players need higher protection, including energy, electromagnetic, radiation and airborne resistance from the suit.

Those suits can be obtained by completing complex missions or purchasing higher credits with the Merchants.

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