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Dark And Darker Intact Skull: How To Get It?

Dark and Darker is a hardcore first-person dungeon-crawler game in which players can craft different things.

One of the items that players can find is the Intact Skull, a rare and mysterious object that has no apparent use in the game.

In Dark and Darker, Intact Skull is used for a new craftable item, the Mana sphere. You can get it by defeating the skeleton monster at Inferno Goblin Cave.

Continue reading to discover more about Intack Skull, how to get it, and what to do with it in Dark and Darker.

What Is Intact Skull In Dark And Darker?

In Dark and Darker, you will get tons of different items as a drop from minions.

They categorize them into five rarities: Poor, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic.

Intact Skull is one of the items you will get by defeating skeleton monsters.

It is a perfectly preserved skull without any blemishes.

Intact Skull
You need an Intact Skull to craft a specific item.

Moreover, it has the rarity of uncommon which means you can find this item relatively easily.

Furthermore, it takes up to 4 slots in the inventory.

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How To Get Intact Skull In Dark And Darker?

To get Intact Skull, you must defeat the skeleton-type monster.

The skeletons reside in the Inferno Goblin Cave at Crypt.

To get an intact skull in Dark and Darker, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Explore the dungeon and look for a room with a large skull door.
  2. Once you find the skull door, you need to open it by pulling a lever on the left side of the door.
  3. This will create a bridge that leads to the hell level. Cross the bridge and enter the hell level.
  4. In the hell level, you will encounter more skeletons enemies and traps, so be careful. 

Here is the list of the skeletons you will encounter there:

  • Skeleton Archer: Shoots fire arrow and regular arrow.
  • Skeleton Axeman: Executes lunging vertical attack or a horizontal slash.
  • Skeleton Crossbowman: They shoot bolts at you once you are in the range.
  • Skeleton Footman: Carry out vertical slash and diagonal slash attacks. 
  • Skeleton Guardsman: It is equipped with a permanently active Shield.
  • Skeleton Mage: Performs fireball as a primary attack and leaves remaining AOE fire on the impact location.
  • Skeleton Swordman: Does horizontal attack from the left or the right.
  • Skeleton Spearman: Discharge either a lunging thrust attack, a normal thrust attack or a horizontal attack.

Additionally, you can obtain items like Bone, Broken Skulls, Golden Trees, and Moldy Breeds from the skeletons.

What To Do With Intact Skull In Dark And Darker?

After getting Intact Skull, many players wonder what to do with this Item.

You can also sell it to Weaponsmit, a trader who buys and sells impactful weapons in the game.

But, you will only earn 5 g with it, which is very low compared to other items.

Yet, it is not surprising since Intact Skull has an uncommon rarity.

On the other hand, you can use the Intact Skull to craft the Mana Sphere weapon.

To craft Mana Sphere, players need two of the Intact Skulls.

Intact Skull
Players can navigate to the Merchant screen to crat the Mana sphere.

Furthermore, players need more materials with Intact Skull to craft the Mana Sphere.

Here are the materials required for crafting Mana Sphere;

  • Crystal Ball: It is a Weapon that looks like a dense glass ball and can harness and focus magical energy.
  • Captured Mana Flakes: To get this item, you must defeat a specific enemy called the Wisp.
  • Gold Coin: Require 50 Gold coins to craft this item.

To craft it, you have to navigate to the Merchants screens. 

For the Mana sphere, you need to find the merchant named Weaponsmith.

It’s the same merchant that you sell the Intact Skull to.

The Bottom Line

The Intact Skull is a material used for crafting new items, Mana Sphere.

You can obtain this by defeating Inferno Goblin Cave‘s skeleton monster.

Additionally, it takes about four slots in your inventory, so it is better to sell than keep it there.

Therefore, if you obtain an Intact Skull while exploring the cave, do not hesitate to sell it.

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