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Starfield Taiyo Shipyard: Enhance Your Spaceship

The Taiyo Shipyard is significant for players who wish to enhance their spaceship’s capabilities and aesthetics or acquire a new spaceship altogether.

The Taiyo Shipyard is a location for players who wish to enhance their spaceship’s capabilities and aesthetics or acquire a new spaceship altogether. It’s a hub for ship-related activities and offers specialized manufacturer-specific parts.

Continue reading to discover about Taiyo Shipyard, its offerings, and its location in Starfield.

What Is Starfield Taiyo Shipyard?

The Starfield Taiyo Shipyard is a significant location within the Neon Core, located on Volii Alpha within the Volii System.

Players can access it by visiting Ryujin Tower in Neon Core and interacting with Veronica Young.

Moreover, it is a significant hub for spaceship-related activities in Starfield, allowing players to enhance their ships and acquire new ones.

It is a place where players can access various ship-related services and features: purchase, modify, or upgrade their existing ships.

What Does Starfield Taiyo Shipyard Offer?

The Taiyo Shipyard in Starfield offers a variety of ship-related services and items.

Here’s what you can find at the Taiyo Shipyard:

1. Ship Customization

Taiyo Shipyard offers a range of ship customization options.

In addition, players can make their spaceships look better and work better by buying different ship parts and modules.

2. Ship Purchase

Besides customization, players can buy new spaceships at Taiyo Shipyard.

The shipyard features a selection of different spacecraft models available for purchase, each with its own specifications and design.

Here are some of the spaceships available for purchase:

Falcon II: Available for 176,380 Credits

Hammerhead: Priced at 117,343 Credits

Mako: Priced at 79,082 Credits

Narwhal: Available for 432,620 Credits

Orca: Available for 237,417 Credits

Sparrow II: Priced at 124,210 Credits

falcon 2
Falcon II is available for 154641 credits.

3. Unique Parts

Taiyo Shipyard offers manufacturer-specific ship parts that may not be available at other shipyards in the game.

These unique parts allow players to personalize their ships according to Taiyo Astroneering’s distinct style.

4. Ship Repair

While Taiyo Shipyard provides customization and ship purchase services, it does not offer ship repairs.

For ship repairs, players must visit locations with Ship Services Technicians, such as spaceports in New Atlantis, Cydonia, Akila City, Paradiso, and the Red Mile.

ship service tech
Visit locations with ship service technicians to repair your ship.
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Where To Find Starfield Taiyo Shipyard?

Here are some points explaining how you can locate Starfield Taiyo Shipyard:

1. Planet Location

The Taiyo Shipyard is situated on the planet Volii Alpha.

Volii Alpha is part of the Volii System within the Starfield game universe.

2. City

Specifically, the Taiyo Astroneering Showroom, which functions as the Taiyo Shipyard, is located within the Neon Core city on Volii Alpha.

Neon Core is a significant urban center within the game.

3. Neon Core’s Location

When you arrive on Volii Alpha, head to the city of Neon Core.

You must navigate the game world or follow in-game directions to reach this city.

4. Ryujin Tower

You’ll want to locate the Ryujin Tower within the Neon Core city.

When you enter the city, this tower is at the end of a street directly in front of you.

5. Showroom Entrance

Once you’re inside Ryujin Tower, you can access the Taiyo Astroneering Showroom, which essentially serves as the Taiyo Shipyard.

Furthermore, look for a character named Veronica Young inside the showroom.

You can talk to her about ship-related things like changing your ship’s looks, buying new ships, or getting particular ship parts.

veronica young
Interact with Veronica Young to engage in ship-related activities.

The Bottom Line

The Starfield Taiyo Shipyard, nestled within the Neon Core on Volii Alpha, is a vital hub for all your spaceship needs.

It is a location where players can customize, purchase, and access unique spaceship ship parts, enhancing their overall gaming experience.

However, it must be noted that Taiyo Shipyard doesn’t provide ship repair services.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your spacefaring adventures, Taiyo Shipyard is the place to be in the Starfield universe.

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