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How To Find UC Exchange In New Atlantis?

Starfield offers players many vendors, including the UC Exchange Center in the New Atlantis.

Players can find unique items, buy or sell goods or simply interact with the vendors.

The UC Exchange Center in the New Atlantis are the UC Surplus and UC Distribution; the locations are found in the Well Trade Authority and the Commercial district near the SSNN.

Continue reading to find the exact location of the UC Exchange spot and the items players can find over there in Starfield.

UC Exchange In New Atlantis

The New Atlantis is the capital city of the United Colonies(UC), one of the most potent factions in the game.

It is located in the Jemison planet of the Alpha Centauri System.

New Atlantis offers over twenty vendors, including the Well Apex Electronics, Jemison Merchantile, and Centurion Arsenal.

Moreover, UC Surplus and the Distribution Center are the two vendor locations named after the United Colonies.

UC Exchange New Surplus

The UC Exchange New Surplus is found in the Well Trade Authority.

uc exchange new atlantis
Enter the UC Surplus.

Moreover, the location may not look welcoming, but it offers a good range of utilities.

Players will get weapons, rifles, pistols and even laser guns to have an advantage in the battle.

In addition, players can buy apparel, ammos, spacesuits, aids, helmets, and grenades in the UC Surplus.

To buy the products, players should meet known as Antonio Bianchi, who can be seen sitting.

Further, players can approach the vendor by pressing the A button.

uc exchange new atlantis
Talk to the vendor of the UC Surplus.

Players can see the list of 56 goods, exchange the items with him or simply chat with him. 

UC Exchange Distribution Center 

The UC Distribution Center is another United Colony faction vendor to find in the New Atlantis.

It is found in the Commercial district near the Settled Systems News Network(SSNN) beside the fountain.

uc exchange new atlantis
Head to the UC Distribution Center.

The player will find a double door to enter the vendor’s location.

Moreover, the location looks entirely managed, and the interior looks clean compared to the UC Surplus. 

UC Surplus consists of Armored individuals, so it’s better not to initiate the fight.

In addition, players must approach the vendor Wen Tseng on the right side just after entering the area.

Commercial district vendor
Talk with the vendor of the UC Distribution.

Like the UC Surplus, players will find weapons and armor in the UC Distribution.

However, this vendor has more than double the item sum compared to UC Surplus.

Further, players can get caliber ammo, melee, calibrated spacesuits, and Cydonia armor.

One of the unique weapons to find here is the N67 Smartgun, which can penetrate heavy armor.

Moreover, Players can also buy additional items, including minc and over fifty resources like amino acids and aluminum.

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The Bottom Line

The two vendor locations UC runs in the New Atlantis are UC Surplus and UC Distribution.

Moreover, players can locate them in the Well Trade Authority and Commercial District.

Also, players can get a wide range of weapons and armor in both areas.

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