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Find Your Superior Weapons In Starfield

In Starfield, players can create characters and explore different planets, factions, and quests.

One of the aspects of the game that can affect the player’s experience is the choice of weapons.

In Starfield, superior weapons are the highest tier of weapons in the game, with the best base damage and stats. You can obtain them by buying, looting, crafting, modifying and upgrading.

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Superior Weapons In Starfield

The weapons in Starfield are not only tools for combat.

They are expressions of the player’s personality, style, and affiliation.

Likewise, superior weapons are the highest tier of weapons in the game.

These weapons have the best base damage and stats.

Yet, they are rare and are found at high levels or from legendary enemies.

Here are some examples of superior weapons and their features:

1. Superior Va’Ruun Inflictor

The Superior Va’Ruun Inflictor is a particle beam rifle. 

It fires a continuous stream of energy and can pierce through multiple targets.

It has a high rate of fire, accuracy, and range. Therefore, these qualities make it ideal for long-distance combat.

Additionally, it has a unique trait that increases its damage based on the number of enemies the beam hits.

2. Superior Advanced Regulator

Advanced Regulator is a handgun that fires plasma bullets.

These bullets explode on impact, dealing splash damage to nearby enemies.

Further, it has a moderate rate of fire, accuracy, and range, making it versatile for different situations.

Moreover, it has a unique trait that reduces the cooldown of your abilities when you kill an enemy with it.

regulator starfield
Advanced Regulator fires plasma bullets.

3. Superior Deadeye

Deadeyes is a sniper rifle that fires magnetic projectiles that can penetrate armor and shields.

It has a low fire rate but a very high accuracy, range, and damage.

Thus, these qualities make it perfect for stealthy assassinations.

Moreover, it has a unique trait that increases its critical hit chance and damage when you aim down the sights.

Deadeye fires magnetic projectiles.

4. Superior Fiscal Quarter

Fiscal Quarter is a shotgun that fires coins that ricochet off surfaces and enemies.

It has a high fire rate but low accuracy, range, and damage, making it suitable for close-quarters combat.

Likewise, it has a unique trait that refunds some of the coins you fire when you hit an enemy with them.

5. Superior Microgun

A microgun is a minigun that fires tiny bullets extremely fast.

It has a very high rate of fire but low accuracy, range, and damage.

These qualities make it practical for suppressing fire and crowd control.

Additionally, it has a unique trait that increases damage and reduces recoil as you fire continuously.

microgun starfield superior weapons
Microgun fires tiny bullets.

How To Obtain Superior Weapons In Starfield?

There are several ways to obtain superior weapons in Starfield.

1. Buying And Trading

You can buy weapons from vendors or black markets.

However, depending on their location and reputation, they may have different prices and availability.

Additionally, you can trade with other players in multiplayer mode if you have something they want in exchange.

2. Loot From Eenemies

You can loot weapons from enemies or containers by killing them or sneaking past them.

This helps you find rare or powerful weapons this way.

However, you also risk attracting unwanted attention or danger.

3. Craft From Materials

Crafting allows you to create custom weapons that suit your needs and preferences.

Additionally, it requires time and resources.

Therefore, you can craft weapons from materials and blueprints.

4. Modify And Upgrade

Modifying weapons can make them more versatile and unique.

Yet, it may reduce their durability or compatibility with other attachments.

However, you can modify weapons with attachments and upgrades.

This improves their performance or adds new effects.

Further, you can change their appearance with skins and decals.

5. Find As Reward

Finding weapons can be rewarding and exciting but may also require skill and luck.

Thus, you can find weapons as rewards for completing quests or exploring hidden locations.

Generally, these weapons are often special or legendary and may have unique features or stories behind them.

Importance Of  Superior Weapons In Starfield

The importance of superior weapons in Starfield depends on the player’s preference and playstyle.

Some players may prefer to rely on stealth, hacking, diplomacy, or other skills to avoid or resolve conflicts.

Others may enjoy the challenge of using weaker or unconventional weapons to test their skills and creativity.

However, superior weapons can significantly impact players who want to engage in combat and dominate their enemies.

Additionally, superior weapons can help the player deal more damage, survive longer, and complete missions faster.

Contrarily, they can give the player an edge over other factions or players in multiplayer mode.

The Bottom Line

The game offers a lot of freedom and variety for players to create their own story and adventure in the galaxy.

In conclusion, superior weapons in Starfield are essential for players who want an advantage in combat.

Similarly, it is also essential for those who want to express their identity through their arsenal.

However, they are not essential for enjoying the game, as there are many other ways to play and interact with the world of Starfield. 

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